🌊 Congratulations Mar, Naiara, Jose, María, Marc B and Marc M!

🥳🎉 Your projects are the 6 initiatives officially selected in this #BlueCrowdMed call - promoted by the Chamber of Seville within the framework of the BlueCF InterregMED project - as promoters of this Blue Economy program for the protection of our seas and coasts.

🧑💙 We do not want to reveal too much thus...we will tell you just a little bit of what you will discover this up-coming May 25, when the campaigns will officially be launched.

🌊 Mar (what a suitable name, right? 😍), our expert in sustainable tourism from Seville, proposes a zero emissions route to enhance the visibility of blue economy tourism projects around the Mediterranean coast. How will she do?

🤿 Jose, researcher in naval engineering projects from Ceuta, will develop a prototype of training modules for Sustainable and Intelligent Aquaponic Bioproduction in Urban Vertical Farms. Take that! You won't believe him until you see it.

🧪 Marc, researcher within a circular economy technological innovation laboratory in Mallorca, will promote an experimental pilot project in the Bay of Palma, Mallorca island, through the design and construction of an artificial reef for planting a very special non-native species. You will soon find out which one!

🏡 María, international trade expert in the construction sector from Sevilla, proposes to rescue a very unique building to improve health, reactivate the economy and repopulate the village of Pozo Amargo, in the wonderful Mediterranean region of Andalusia. Can you imagine what type of building could it be?

🕸 Naiara, journalism graduate from Valencia, wants to recycle nets and plastics left on the seabed to launch a very special collection of a summer-essential garment. You can for sure guess which one!

✏️ Marc, mestre d'aixa from Mallorca, also proposes the use of sustainable materials, mainly wood, and their recycle at the end of their useful life, for the construction of a maritime vehicle Km0. If you know what a "mestre d'aixa" does, we will say no more!

So, up to here we can tell. Soon, very soon, the campaigns will be launched...until then, stay tuned!