It is no longer a matter of a day. Do not even live consciously throughout the month of March. Feminism is here and now to live it daily. In this sense, we have reviewed and reread Feminismo es Igualdad to see that broad base and that is why this 2020 we are already talking about Transfeminism is Equity. Between feminism and transfeminism there are divergences that we would like to make very clear in this occasion, "being a woman" is still complex today and here is our small contribution.

Claim or abolish gender

Radical feminism, born in the USA in the 60s, is not a kind of mistery conspiracy (as some believe), but a current that wants to eliminate all social inequalities caused by patriarchy. This root, which for the so-called 'radfems' is the very existence of genders, is what separates them from the feminist transsexual movement consolidated in the 2000s, since the 'transfems' consider that the origin of the patriarchal oppression is not the gender in yes but the rigid binary system 'man / woman' and the association of gender with sex. So while transfeminism wants there to be as many genres as identities exist, radical feminism wants there to be none.

The transfems consider that society privileges people who identify with the gender that has been assigned at birth (cisgender people) and being a binary system only recognizes two genders (male or female), marginalizing the rest. But they believe that gender itself is neither good nor bad, but a personal and individual quality, a neutral category that each person perceives, subjectively, and does not have to be limited to male or female. In an ideal transfem world, in fact, the number of gender identities tends to infinity (hence the recognition of 'non-binary' genres, such as intergender, fluid gender, big gender, gender, and a long etc.).

So far we can "read"

In Fundación Goteo we understand that we are not going to solve this Gordian knot, or at least we are not going to cut it healthy in four paragraphs, but we wanted to make our position very clear and so we believe we have transmitted it by supporting campaigns in that direction

Ulloa's Agrocuir Festival

Ulloa's Agrocuir Festival is an event for the sexual and emotional diversity that is celebrated in the rural. It is intergenerational and claims values such as environmentalism, feminism and freedom for everyone to be as they want to be.
There are two days of music, theater, storytelling, workshops, round tables ... in which we converge people from all over the world in an atmosphere of good vibes and fun.

After four editions framing the festival in Granxa Maruxa, this year they decided to move all activities to spaces in the town of Monterroso, to generate a more open and accessible space through a drip campaign.

Festival Teatro Social Con-Vivencias

For the fifth consecutive year, the Orbita Diversa association opted for Con-Vivir through social theater and artivism in the Madrid neighborhood of Lavapiés - Ambassadors, supporting and giving visibility to inclusive, vindictive and socially committed scenic projects with diversity, with a focus feminist, diverse-cultural, intergenerational, LGTBIQ +. All this has involved a lot of effort in time and the assumption of economic risks for a consolidated group, but with the difficulties of the socio-cultural area.

By Con-Vivencias it is possible to create a collective project that focuses on the use of theater as a tool for social action, the promotion of equity and community use of public spaces in the city.

Data against Noise

Data against Noise is a platform that fights misinformation about sexist violence. From official statistical data, they transform numbers into visual data that help to understand the dimension of this serious social problem. The more data about sexist violence, and the more visible they are, the more details there are to understand reality. Spreading the data of sexist violence, its prevention is enhanced. It is another resource to end and eradicate violence against women in our society.

Visibilizing sexist violence has become an emergency. It is undeniable that today there is much noise about this issue, but little clarity and detailed knowledge of its dimension. A society that struggles to end this social scourge is a society that talks about the problem, which clarifies and deepens the subject. There is no doubt that it is necessary to make the presence of sexist violence in our society much more visible in order to end it.

SOS LGTBI Refugees

KIFKIF ENTRE IGUALES' project is a response to the needs of people who are in the process of requesting international protection due to the fact of being LGTBI + through a comprehensive intervention that includes residential accommodation, the realization of individualized itineraries of inclusion, the accompaniment in the process of asylum, specialized psychosocial care, Spanish language learning, legal assistance, and leisure activities that promote intercultural coexistence.

Unlike the other projects, already successful, this is still in campaign until March 28 and you can support them today. Will they get it? 😜

Banner Credit Image: Fountains for the Baroness, Gwendolyn Audrey Foster