We present a special offer of Christmas Solidarity Gifts which we have selected for you this 2014. Most likely, you're planning what to give for Christmas. Most likely, you're not exactly floating in money. Most likely, you want to treat your closest people these days, but you also want to help people that work towards real social improvement and change. To help people who want to change their situation, and that of as many others as possible. To create a repeatable, scalable good, with a small drop but with a great impact.

For this purpose, we have elaborated this digital crowdfunding bazaar, solidarity gifts in a space you can search and choose among a good range of attractive rewards from various running campaigns, at all price ranges, for any wallet and audience

And don't you think we're selling snake oil! This is our way of making things easy for you, so that you can give gifts and support, and so that your Christmas feeder capital can help create rewards for everybody. In this original manner, we promote the support of the great projects that have chosen us, that endorse Goteo to run their campaigns, for their commitment to their community, and the opening of their most valuable asset: knowledge, information, and culture

Solidarity? Yes, but not only that. Here, we have set out to impregnate Christmas discourses and actions with the pillars of the work that more and more of us do all year round: civil society protagonism, community support, citizen empowerment, transparency, justice and social commitment. Change, self-management, free culture, open science and cooperative entrepreneurship. These projects are based on all that. By supporting them, we are supporting each other.

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