Here they go! We already have the 4 localized and resident-driven cultural projects by FIC, which will have a € 8,000 (matchfunding) stock to complement the monetary contributions that citizens make to their crowdfunding campaigns.

It is the first edition of this initiative of the Goteo Foundation, in collaboration with the Fabra Creation Factory (FiC) and the ICUB, to facilitate the financing of the projects of the current residents of the FiC. This initiative combines crowdfunding, through the Goteo platform, with the institutional support of the Barcelona Institute of Culture (ICUB). Goteo Foundation will provide specialized care by the team for the writing and final design of the campaign, as well as all the support for its promotion and dissemination.

Here is a brief presentation of each group so you can get an idea of everything they can offer, and that you will discover next March 30!

Él corrió hacia su camarada

He ran to his comrade

This will be the title with which Genís Rigol will surprise us through a short film where he develops his skills as a writer, illustrator and animator, as well as delving into a long and complex creation process. After seven years working in the advertising animation market, having published two short comics and made three animations in the form of a short film, his intention is to develop most of this work for himself, with the help of Pau Anglada for the phase of Clean up, and with Rubén Patiño in the sound design.

Together they will create this animation with critical and experimental content from the margins and without necessarily being subject to market logic

Here you have a small sample of his work so you can open your mouth;)


With the ProyecTIC Platform, developed by Ars Games, we will raise awareness among secondary school students about the importance of building a responsible, conscious and critical digital citizenship in terms of information management and transmission.

With it, we contribute to bridging the so-called digital gaps, which we can divide into: 1st Digital divide (the difference between citizenship with and without internet access), 2nd digital divide (within groups of people with access, among those who do know use them and those that do not), the digital gender gap (gender-specific structural inequalities, which constitute barriers to access, use, content and technological skills) and the new digital divide (the difference that boys and girls find between the technologies that they use in their leisure time, which make up their real technological environment, and those that have been introduced so far in the educational field, such as electronic whiteboards, tablets, text editors, etc.).

There goes a fun clip with one of the projects already done: p

Immersive Nature

On this occasion we have a team expressly trained to carry out this ambitious project. Duae + Pedra + Prohibit No Touch come together to stimulate learning through playful experiences, artistic experimentation and creative development. They believe that art, play and creativity are powerful means of inclusion and coexistence in various fields. So producing in a sustainable and responsible way they work with a close environment of artists and craftsmen.

Transforming and giving new life to recycled, obsolete materials. We would love to tell you more, but we are afraid to discover the project ahead of time. So we recommend following your steps in networks and enjoy this video about previous interventions.

Electro Prepared Piano DJ Set

Taking the piano prepared as a hallmark, the pianist and composer Juan J. Ochoa fuses tradition with the avant-garde, building bridges between classical, contemporary, sound art or electronic club music.

This project consists in the creation of a live music extermination that has as its main sound source the prepared piano and other extended techniques, electronically transformed through different plug-ins, pedalboards and sound effects, in combination with a play of lights and projections.

Enjoy one of their interventions and start exploring in their networks.

Until next March 30!

Well, made the appropriate presentations, we can only confirm that they will receive from us the best of accompaniments, in order to get a great crowdfunding campaign that can convey all the love for their projects. We will inform you!