👧 Do you also (like Joan Manuel Serrat) keep playing on the beach, hidden behind the reeds your first love sleeps and from Algeciras to Istanbul you paint your long winter nights blue? So you were born in the Mediterranean!

🌊 At Goteo we also love the Mediterranean and that is why we look for projects that aim to preserve and use it in a sustainable and conscious way. Do you dare to launch a crowdfunding with us?

😝 In addition to the sea we also love creativity, so do not hesitate to present your idea to us, no matter how innovative it may seem. A cooperative of fishermen who open a weekly market and hold conferences on caring for the seas? A festival on marine shorts sustained with hydraulic energy? A book of stories to educate children about sustainable fishing? All this fits and much more.

👉 Enter now Bluecrowd and together with the impulse of the Seville Chamber of Commerce we will offer you all our advice and tools to make your idea come true and tell the world that we love the Mediterranean.