In one way or another, the spread of # COVID19 has forced us to change our routines. Until all this happens, what will happen, we must continue advancing in our projects with positivity and energy.

The crowdfunding model that we propose in Goteo draws directly from that premise of the P2P or peer-to-peer models that establishes that relationships within a community must allow the generation of something greater than the sum of all the parts that comprise it. that is, guarantee a collective benefit beyond the group itself. We already talked about it in 2016 on the occasion of the Correscales. You can reread it here to remember it, see how much "it has rained" since then and gain perspective with the case at hand.

The mutual support and solidarity that so many social movements and the libertarian movement have historically practiced has a lot to do with this premise: the benefit must be social, not individual; horizontal and distributed, without privileges; towards the base, fruit of shared co-responsibility and peer-to-peer relationships. In this sense we want to highlight in this article some #MadeInGoteo campaigns that, from social movements, have been exemplary in their appeal to the community, social mobilization and extension of their action.

Rental Strike

As of April, many families were unable to afford the rent due to the crisis caused by Covid-19. This campaign, active in the writing of this article, aims to create a #ResistanceBox so that people who join the #RentalStrike campaign are covered and accompanied by the movement for the right to housing.

A resistance box is a temporary institution based on mutual support and solidarity. The resistance boxes are used to alleviate the economic situation of workers who are harmed in union actions such as protest protests or long-term strikes. In them the workers put money to help other colleagues who are in trouble.

This campaign is promoted to make clear that non-payment is a political act, a demand on a government to ensure the needs of millions of tenants in vulnerable situations.

Sindicato Mantero Barcelona

From Sindicato Popular de Vendedores Ambulantes de Barcelona, they have not only launched the #BancoDeAlimentosMantero for fellow manteros who, not only due to the confinement of #coronavirus, are in a precarious situation, but have started to produce masks and gowns to help #FrenaLaCurva. (Photography Credit: Mantero Union)


From the cooperative of shared electric mobility for communities SomMobilitat they are offering electric cars to the personnel of the hospitals of the territory who have mobility problems. They created the cooperative because they thought that organized civil society should lead the change in the mobility model to ensure that it is oriented to the common good and not to individual and economic interests. With this initiative he shows once again the way forward. (Photo Credit: Som Mobilitat)

La pájara en Bici

Our friends RidersxDerechosMadrid along with thousands of other #Riders have been left out of aid by #COVID19 of the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy. Here we share the statements of Pabliño, a colleague from Madrid on the demands of economic measures that include his activity to survive precariousness. Specifically, they report that Stuart, Deliveroo, Shargo, Glovo and UberEats, among others, "do not comply with article 17.2 of the Occupational Risk Prevention Law during the state of alarm by failing to provide personal protective equipment or adequate training on how to proceed to placing orders safely for both riders and customers, beyond short sentences with pictures explaining the same as the public authorities. " We share this complete webinar with all the information you need to know.

Other iniciatives

FrenaLaCurva is a citizen platform made up of activists, volunteers, makers, companies, social organizations and open innovation laboratories launched by the General Directorate for Open Government and Social Innovation of the Government of Aragon. With it we want to build a bridge between people in need due to the isolation measures against the coronavirus and volunteers, institutions and businesses that can solve them. There are four main categories:

● Own Need: the person in need of a service fills out the form.
● Need with Intermediation: need created by people who know the needs of people who cannot fill out the form due to not having access to mobile / computer.
● Offer: volunteers who can shop, take out trash ...
● Available Public Service: markets or pharmacies with modified hours, open veterinarians, social centers that offer meals, toilet and food for transporters ...

BarcelonaDesdeCasa It is a new web space that includes the municipal measures promoted to help citizens, with special attention to the most vulnerable people. Among these measures, two main blocks stand out: social support measures and economic support measures.

In it, also and from home, everyone can propose an activity, be it cultural, educational or sports. Or publicize community initiatives of mutual support and care before COVID-19, which are organizing themselves in all neighborhoods of the city, and share them on the platformDecidim, so that any neighbor can open access and participate in them.

In this sense, the effort of Infermeres de Catalunya para organizarse y defender de forma colectiva y democrática sus intereses en la adaptación a, which has had the support of Platoniq in this participatory online process so that health professionals themselves contribute ideas and proposals to improve safety in the face of contagion in their jobs.

Canal #CoronaZero It is the proposal that arose within the Goteo Foundation team itself, when they decided to create their own channel where they could shoulder their shoulders and give full support to initiatives aimed at alleviating the damage caused by the socio-sanitary crisis generated by the Covid-19 pandemic. We believe that it is in these delicate circumstances that it is more necessary than ever to step forward and contribute what we are best at, the financing of projects through the crowdfunding of citizens.

Therefore, we offer our platform at 0% commission for all those projects that meet the requirements and needs arising from this epidemic, making it possible to host initiatives of different types:

● Health: linked to unions, groups and associations, health personnel and / or who work in health centers (also caretakers, cleaning women ...) and aimed at improving their working conditions

● Development of software / platforms (preferably opensource), data processing tools or that contribute to scientific research (with a commitment to respect for privacy and open data work)

● Supply of basic products: locally produced, consumption km0 and aimed at facilitating the work of carriers, stevedores, who attend, as well as products or services aimed at the population in a special situation of difficulty, vulnerability or risk.

● Support for the economy (SMEs, ESS): resistance funds, promotion of decent work, strengthening of worker networks, visibility and accompaniment of invisible jobs (cleaning, food, home care for the elderly ...)
● Care and community dimension: this crisis has put care at the center, many of which cannot be sustained without a community dimension. Initiatives aimed at accompanying, facilitating, valuing this care; as well as to strengthen community initiatives.

A hint for hope

All these initiatives demonstrate the facilitating role of social networks, online or offline, and the essential nature of social self-organization, whether in a union, political, or neighborhood way… And activism, in most cases, has this in mind. mutual care and support. When this exceptional situation comes to an end, or in any case a bearable decrease, we trust that all this pain will not lose its meaning in a setback of direct relationship, care, reciprocity.

This extreme situation only highlights the importance of working cooperatively to face the 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) launched by the United Nations. At Goteo we have been encouraging projects for some time to consider what challenges their initiative undertakes and for this we have facilitated the use of the 3 Positive Footprints: Ecological Footprint, Democratic Footprint and Social Footprint, that organize these 17ODS in those three categories.

Amongst this multitude of actions launched we see that solidarity does not stop. Surely there are similar projects in your neighborhood or town. Find out and offer yourself what you can, we all have a lot to gain.
To those that you have already activated or, rather, you have not stopped your momentum: proposing, coordinating, communicating ... each one from his own fields to reach every need, we thank you and reiterate our support in everything that we can.