🎵 Whether you are a leist, a laist or a loist, (check this amazing issue in spanish language here) we recognize at this moment your great courage and curiosity in opening this email with such an abstract title. "Why did they put it on?" Well, to celebrate the happy coincidence of not only 3 wonderful social centers that use that article and are in the campaign (La Invisible, La Miranda and La Maliciosa) but 4 more that you will find at the end of the newsletter with the same mission. Surely if you think about it, you know many more. And from Fundación Goteo we are glad that this is the case, because the social centers in all their diversity (CSO / CSOA) are a wonderful work of self-organization where people can meet, boiling together their concerns and proposals to improve society from below. There should be a dozen in each neighborhood! For now, yes, today we are talking about these and from now on we invite you to send us many more proposals.

📬 In this newsletter, then, we present three social centers that from Malaga, Madrid and Barcelona influence the cooperation of neighbors through social movements. All of them through the protection of heritage with a combative inclusive cultural proposal, facilitating a critical and constructive meeting space for citizens and with the mission of not only being a reference but also a tribute to the already existing athenaeums and social centers, as well as inspiration and support many more. Welcome to the most secular newsletter!

La Invisible 💜

🏠 La Invisible is a Social and Cultural Center for Citizen Management located in a late 19th century building in the historic center of the city of Malaga and its existence is, in itself, an opposition to the disastrous policy of heritage conservation by the City Council which has led to the demolition of 308 historic buildings since 1995.

✊ That was the destination of the property that houses La Invisible but it could be avoided when entering it in 2007 and that is the objective that we set ourselves with this crowdfunding: to gather the funds to start the rehabilitation of the building and guarantee the accessibility of all. The City Council has the rehabilitation project in its possession, but for the moment it seems that its intention is for the building to deteriorate to justify a subsequent eviction.

👉 It is in our hands to prevent it and you can take part, contributing in goteo.cc/lainvisible.

La Maliciosa 😝

🍁 As of autumn 2021, they will be ready to inaugurate the Ateneo La Maliciosa, located in the Arganzuela district, between the green corridor of Madrid and the Lavapiés neighborhood, a fifteen-minute walk from the Atocha train station and the old neighborhood of Las Injurias, a place of tradition of urban struggles, today occupied by dozens of cultural and political projects.

🙌 The initiative is promoted by four organizations –the Foundation of the Commons, Ecologists in Confederal Action, Ecologists in Action of Madrid and Traffickers of Dreams– to put it at the service of individuals and groups.

😜 With almost 800 square meters, this common space has been thought multipurpose and capable of hosting all kinds of events: conferences, talks, presentations, meetings, assemblies, trainings, reading clubs, performances, press conferences and other activities related to the 'do' that we can imagine. A room where you can organize any activity that is framed in the ideology of social transformation, mobilization, creation of alternatives and openness to critical knowledge.

💪 Give strength to the neighborhood by supporting the Athenaeum in goteo.cc/lamaliciosa.

La Miranda 🌹

👧 La Miranda is a neighborhood and cultural association in the neighborhood of Health in Barcelona that is maintained thanks to the drinks of free events, the membership fees, a subsidy and the users of workshops, orchards and chicken coop.

🤹‍As an open association, it is aimed at all those people, artistic companies, entities, associations or institutions with an interest in making links, meeting and building cooperative actions, through culture and environmentalism. Being convinced that diversity is a value that enriches us, they are committed to the development of the artistic and cultural fabric of the neighborhood community.

😊 With this campaign they want to face rent as a large expense during this pandemic year where they have not been able to open their doors. With your contribution they can remain open and among their rewards you can choose to enjoy the La Miranda space in the form of workshops, dinners, visits to the space, sunsets, gifts or you can also become a member. You can do it right now by entering goteo.cc/lamiranda.

We propel #PiztuMETA2021! 🚀

🚀 This Wednesday marks two weeks since the launch of the call # PiztuMETA2021, the plan of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa with the Goteo Foundation to promote cultural projects through #micro-patronage and #matchfunding. You know, for every euro contributed by citizens, the Provincial Council makes another equal contribution, doubling the collection, until a bag of €70,000 is exhausted to be distributed among 15 projects.

💻 We have already started to receive projects, as well as contacted directly with cultural centers and associations throughout Gipuzkoa to help us spread this magnificent opportunity to make cultural and social return initiatives a reality. That is why we also take advantage of this newsletter to ask you for a moment and think if you know someone who can take advantage of these contributions. If so, it will be a great joy to send you the call, accessible in goteo.cc/piztumeta2021.

😌 Just this Wednesday we held the first workshop and we are sure that the next one, the one on June 10th will also be of great help to make the campaign go great.

TheZone 🛒

🤗 Do you remember that we told you about the launch of La Zona, the first digital market for responsible consumption in the territory? Well, not only is progress being made in the technical part, more and more media are also talking about this initiative and, most importantly, future users are beginning to see this hope of being able to consume responsibly online.

😗 The crowdfunding campaign for this platform to start taking its first steps and receive the first products and services is going from strength to strength. In your first 15 days of a total of 40, you have already raised 50% of your minimum budget. As you know, these first contributions usually come from the closest people and entities, who want to support from the first moment.

😙 That is why it is important that now, if you have just got to know The Zone and want it to become a reality, you contribute your bit in making it known to other people who, like you, were willing to stop feeding transnational capitalist platforms and whose labor rights They are precarious, in order to satisfy your needs for goods and services provided by small companies and cooperatives related to the values of the social and solidarity economy. Let's make The Zone known together to the whole world!

RAISE Youth 👩

👍 In this interesting start to the week we also started on Tuesday with the social financing session with our partners from RAISE, Rural Action for Innovative and Sustainable Entrepreneurship for Youth (EEA & Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment) and we work on alternative financing mechanisms that promote the projects of young entrepreneurs from rural areas.

🗓 This workshop was for representatives of organizations, NGOs and institutions from Croatia, Bulgaria and Spain, focused on basic crowdfunding and campaign design. Being a young person who is not in education, employment or training (NEETs) can lead to marginalization or disengagement from society, and can have long-term negative effects on life chances.

😉 Eurostat reported in 2018 that 16.5% of people aged 20-34 in the EU were unemployed or in education and training. In the EU Member States there was a wide variation in NEET rates. That is why we are so excited to be able to offer tools to young generations and give them our full support.

See you in 15 days! 😜

Up to here we arrive. We hope that this newsletter has encouraged you to continue walking towards the society of all and for all that we are approaching, little by little. Until next time!