We are glad to inform that Goteo has been nominee and awarded for the first edition of the European Democratic Citizenship Awards, launched by the European Civic Forum, with the aim of recognizing civic engagement and reward civil society initiatives and actors which give real substance to democratic citizenship, bring about social innovation and positive change in the life of the local, regional, national or European communities.

And it all adds up in our advocacy labour. We are also pleased to officially announce that, in 2014, we have become one of the 6 hubs of the European Cultural Foundation’s Networked Programme “Connecting Culture, Communities and Democracy”, along with 5 amazing organizations with whom we are designing a joint advocacy agenda at the European level. Through it we will push our political commitments to free culture and knowledge, open access to information, transparency, civil society’s participation and participatory and hybrid funding models to foster social innovation, grassroots processes and commons-based projects, as we already pointed during the Nesta’s workshop on Digital Social Innovation (DSI), celebrated in Brussels on February, after which we were kindly included in Nesta's report on DSI.

This award is again a proof of the great process we are witnessing in the recent months where a growing constellation of institutions and people disseminates and recognizes Goteo’s work and impact in several ways, such as the award we were given, a couple of months ago, as the “Best initiative to promote entrepreneurship from the open knowledge” by the Spanish chapter of the Open Knowledge Foundation, or the article in The Guardian where Nesta recognizes us as one of the 10 digital social innovators to watch.

So, here we are, infinitely grateful for our community’s support, which is always the component that encourages and enables us to keep growing in order to trigger and expect greater stuff to happen, bigger changes to boost and larger challenges to face (under the principle and belief of a possible -and needed- fair, sustainable and more democratic society).

Infinite thanks for your invaluable support!