🤗This is how we want to see you, night and day, with the beginning of spring! Infected with its purity, clarity and strength to be part of all the elements that are agents of positive change in our environment.

🌊 This March at the Foundation we have already noticed how the sun has made new projects sprout that were waiting for their sweet moment, so here we are "grind that grind, grind that grind, grind that grind", very happy to see how all this clear water goes down of the forest and nourishes the social ecosystem, contributing to the well-being of the community. Thanks for being there, happy Water Day and happy spring!

📬 In this fortnight's newsletter we bring you the story of the recovery of a home and the awareness of caring for our elderly, all in a single documentary; a young and groundbreaking theatrical proposal about the transformation of social structures in Spain; and a cinematographic reflection on loss and its possibilities of resilience both individually and collectively. These projects walk joyfully because they carry the illusion of you!

The Community of La Casa de Vecinas 👵

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📽️ The desire to make this documentary was born as a result of the story of Magdalena, an elderly woman who was the last resident of the first tenement house on which the team, PAX-Patios de la Axerquía, has intervened.

🗣️ They want to tell not only how this 18th century house has been bought and rehabilitated by the cooperative so that six families with small children can now live in it, but Magdalena's own story, which illustrates a common problem in older women where they often experience health problems and mobility, being practically isolated at home.

👉 This documentary will explore this issue and how the cooperative has worked to ensure that the project is inclusive and takes into account the needs of all the people involved. Get to know both the project and the team better and make the documentary possible in goteo.cc/casapatiodevecinas.

"Españá: Tragedia folclórica" 💃

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🎭 The La Vértigo Teatro company is made up of young actors and actresses who have been working tirelessly to create a high-quality show that moves and at the same time challenges the public to think about current political and social issues.

👁️They are passionate about the relationship between the evolution of aesthetic languages and the transformation of social structures and thought, and for this reason their work pursues the lively and dialoguing relationship between form and content, investigating dramatic structures that respond to the needs of an accustomed audience. to a quick reading, to social networks, to immediacy and to the plurality of focuses of attention.

✊ In order to continue with his artistic residency at the Paco Rabal theater (Madrid) it is necessary to cover the production costs, including the purchase and construction of props and scenery, costume making, work space rental and service payment photography and video recording. Do you want to become a co-producer? Collaborate in goteo.cc/lavertigo.

Aigua Salina 🎬

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💧"Aigua Salina" is a fiction short film selected by the ESCAC university (Cinema and Audiovisual School of Catalonia) that will be shot in April 2023 and will premiere at Cinesa Diagonal in October 2023.

🎬 This story shows us through Montse, our protagonist, that it is necessary to feel and heal what hurts us because everything that she does not care for follows you. Distance, observation, tact and crudeness are some of the key concepts from which the treatment of this work will start.

💦 Support this short film about a mother who suffers a prenatal loss in goteo.cc/aiguasalina!

Last call to sign up for Incrowd!

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👩‍ Are you between 18 and 30 years old and want to carry out your ideas through a crowdfunding campaign? We know that in the current precarious job market in the European Union, young people need guidance and support at the beginning of their career. And this situation is particularly challenging for those who come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

🚀 For this reason, within the framework of the European InCrowd project, we organized a workshop to share knowledge on how crowdfunding can be a useful tool to promote opportunities for young people at risk of marginalization.

👥 The conference will be open to 30 participants from Barcelona and its surroundings who represent organizations or institutions that work with young people, interested in learning more about the opportunities that alternative financing offers for young people, particularly the unemployed or at risk of exclusion social.

💻 Take advantage of this opportunity, don't miss out on a place and sign up here for the face-to-face workshop for this coming Thursday, March 30. Discover much more at goteo.cc/crowdfundingparajovenes.

So were the workshops with Coopolis

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✊ If unity is strength, since Coopolis (Barcelona Cooperative Athenaeum) and the Platoniq Foundation took a step forward and started an intercooperation agreement for the proactive promotion of joint collective financing initiatives, there are already close to a hundred people and entities that have benefited from our workshops.

💻 These last two days we continue to promote the joint acquisition of infrastructures, tools and material resources to develop economic activity with workshops led by our colleagues Eva and Sandra, where we facilitate crowdfunding training for technical staff and promoters, as well as we made known this way of alternative financing for initiatives of the social economy in events related to cooperativism. Thank you very much for trusting us and let's continue!

Spectacular Migration Channel Workshop!

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🖤Do you remember the call we launched to propose you to participate in the first free online crowdfunding workshop, with the support of the platform Poder Migrante, aimed at groups, organizations and people who seek to finance their projects on migration, anti-racism and recognition of rights for immigrants on our channel goteo.cc/migraciones? You were so many participants that we didn't even fit in a single image!

🙌 Thank you very much for the assistance and observations where Sandra was able to share everything we have to offer to projects that promote the recognition of diversity and the full exercise of citizenship by migrants. On this occasion we recall some successful campaigns already co-financed such as Top Manta, the cultural center of Afro Conscience, the cultural space of the Periferia Cimarronas cooperative, the Maakum hairdresser's and many more.

📝 In addition to the workshop, the promotion of the channel includes an open call until April 22, where we offer migrant projects that upload to the platform before that date (it is enough to upload even a first version of the project), the inclusion of the project on the Migrations channel from day one, as a space for visibility; 1 hour of personalized advice in video call format; and special visibility of the campaign on social networks and Goteo's fortnightly newsletter.

💻 Take advantage of the opportunity and if you have any questions, you can write to info@goteo.org where we will give you a prompt response.

And you?

Imagen de la campaña Crowdfunding para la Economía Social y Solidaria

😙 Would you like to give a premium Goteo consultancy to a feminist, migrant or whatever project? Support us so we can continue to give more personalized attention to the people who drive the campaigns. With this donation we can give premium consulting time to the campaign of your choice. This means up to 2 hours of videoconference with one of our advisers to answer all your questions and have support in case you want to launch a crowdfunding campaign.

🙌 Enter and request a Premium Advisory via videoconference with one of our advisors at goteo.cc/siguenoslacorriente

See you in 15 days! 😜

Up to here we arrive. In case you still don't follow us on all existing networks and for having, remind you that 👉we have Telegram Group of Platoniq Foundation and Goteo. Click on the links and follow us!👈 We hope that this newsletter has encouraged you to continue walking towards the society of all and for all that we are approaching, little by little. Until next time!

Nos vemos en 15 días


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