🌳 The joke spreads on social networks (and in every joke there is a truth) that today we no longer aspire to "plant a tree, write a book, have a child" and we manage well with "taking care of a niece, reading a book, watering a plant"... 🤗 Beyond the sociological implications of such a joke, in the newsroom we have said to ourselves, aren't those three aspirations still just as precious? 🥰 If you also see it that way, we invite you to join us and follow the so-called Kaizen method (改善 'change for the better' or 'improvement') where making our lives a wonderful experience is not always a matter of great leaps, but of improving them continuously through concrete, simple and valuable actions. step by step 😌

📬 In this newsletter we want to tell you about three projects that fulfill the mission of "planting, raising and learning": in Sabadell climate awareness is created through a space for projects for the eco-social transition, democracy and the gender perspective; "El Puchero" promotes the close and conscious supply of food from the orchards of Villasur de Herreros; finally, in Es Baobab we find a group of mothers, accompanied by professionals from various areas, connected in essence to offer a meeting space where to promote conscious and respectful motherhood and parenting. Let's meet them!

Es Baobab 👧

Es Baobab 👧

🐥 From the experience of being mothers and valuing the need for accompaniment during this process, Es Baobab has wanted to organize a tribal space, in which to offer special attention to motherhood and early childhood, understanding that the first years of life are Keys to child development.

👧 In order to carry out the project, they need to restore and condition a new space, so the money raised will go entirely to make small repairs and optimal preparation of the space, as well as the provision of materials.

👉 If you also think it is necessary to offer a meeting place and emotional accompaniment that respects the internal plan that children and their mothers have during this sensitive period, you can collaborate in goteo.cc/esbaobab.

Mares Among Oaks 🐴

Yeguas Entre Robles

🐞 In the orchards of El Puchero they follow organic farming methods and aim to reconnect people with the land through food so that consumption has a positive reflection on the territory and its inhabitants. In this way they manage to give life to the lands that today are in disuse, obtain healthy and nearby food and provide livelihoods to people who live in rural areas.

🐴 The objective of this campaign is to raise a herd of mares, which live freely in the mountains, as the best livestock option, allowing a better combination with horticultural work and helping to reduce the use of machinery with the improvement of pastures and incorporation of future animals and herds

👉 Recover agroecological models and support the peasantry to recover a living rural world in goteo.cc/yeguasentrerobles.

La Regadora 2022 🌱

La Regadora 2022

🌱 This is a project promoted by various entities and organizations of the city of Sabadell that, from climate awareness, endorse the motto “Change the system, not the climate”.

🌞 Its main celebration will be for 3 days, from September 16 to 18, and the program includes reflections from other editions as well as presentations such as those by Hibai Arbide (international journalist) or Glòria Carrasco (environmental specialist in epidemiology and public health), among many others. Also children's workshops, local project stands and music concerts throughout the day.

👉 This year's challenge is to continue activating change in favor of a city model that responds to the needs of the planet and you can collaborate in goteo.cc/regadora2022.

Journal: "BePart": Does the decision of a student have the same power as that of a teacher? 👥

Journal:  ¿Tiene el mismo poder la decisión de una alumna que la de una docente?

🪑 Apprentices of the wisdom of Freire and aware that participation is learned by participating, at Platoniq we have embarked on BePart, a European project that promotes processes of participation, empowerment and youth leadership in schools.

🎓 We have talked with high school teachers from Barcelona, Madrid and surroundings. Through their eyes, we have landed in a somewhat arid reality for a real participation of the students but with great potential: that of young people, high school students.

😉 Enter to know her great spirit of participation and desire to be useful in "BePart": Does the decision of a student have the same power as that of a teacher? and let's share impressions on networks.

See you in 15 days! 😜

Up to here we arrive. We hope that this newsletter has encouraged you to continue walking towards the society of all and for all that we are approaching, little by little. Until next time!

Nos vemos en 15 días


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