🦋 Have you ever heard that the language of words is the best possible since what is not named does not exist? Here in the newsroom we grasp that certainty, although we also harbor doubts. After all, who hasn't made himself understood more than once with a long silence or has "said" everything with a look?

📬 On this occasion, we not only want to vindicate the language of the whole body, but also support the invention of words to name invisible realities and celebrate linguistic diversity, starting with the three projects that you can find in this newsletter: the creation of a space of learning Asturian with the cognitive flexibility that comes from upbringing in a bilingual environment, the production of a short film in Catalan to raise awareness of the implications of consensus in sexual relationships, and the strengthening of a Galician production company to give access to the imaginaries of subordinate identities in the audiovisual space.

😜 We are convinced that whoever learns a new language acquires a new soul, so we encourage you here to learn a little more about our diversity, wishing you a life full of agarimo, rauxa y folixa.

Amb la boca petita 💔

Amb la boca petita

📽️ "Amb la boca petita" is a short film that starts as ESCAC's Final Degree Project in Cinematography, but goes beyond the academic question to tell a story that touches us all. A project that works to represent that large number of invisible rapes that occur by a known person, in this case the protagonist's partner, who assumes that he has the right to have sexual relations with her when he just cannot say yes, little boy. As much as there is trust, if there is no consensus, it is rape.

💜 The project is approached from the absolute conscience to deal with this issue with the sensitivity and respect it requires, with the aim of making these sexual assaults visible, supporting those women who have suffered such or a similar situation and generating debate on these issues to avoid keep happening.

👉 "T'hi sumes?" You can make this production a reality in goteo.cc/amblabocapetita.

Amobla l'asturianu del futuru 😝

Amobla l'asturianu del futuru

🏠 The premises of the Reciella family association is now a reality thanks to the assignment by the Gijón City Council of a premises in the Moreda neighborhood (El Natahoyo) and in it they want to centralize all the activities that were being carried out up to now in different assigned spaces such as schools or private spaces

🎭 The objective is to continue with the weekly playful and educational interaction activities in Asturian: workshops, storytelling, theatre, crafts, the summer camp... and to enable a new library space, for the catalog and the loan of Children's Literature and Juvenile in Asturian.

✊ "¿Échesles un gabitu p'amoblalu?" Support them in goteo.cc/amoblalasturianu.

Por un audiovisual transfeminista galego 🫂

Por un audiovisual transfeminista galego

💎This is a collaborative financing proposal launched so that society can support the project of telling stories from the bowels. CRU Produciones Sociedad Cooperativa Galega was born with social values limited to a desire for transfeminist transformation against the relationships of domination and subordination embedded in the heteropatriarchal system.

🔀 The cooperative responds to the confluence of the paths of its promoters, friends since childhood, and their own aspirations and deep knowledge around the multiple themes between gender and the audiovisual universe, both in front of and behind the cameras.

💪 "Bótales unha man!" and discover more of his proposal in goteo.cc/cruprod.

We launch the 7th #PiztuMETA Call!

Lanzamos 7ª Convocatoria #PiztuMETA

Do you want to learn how to set up a crowdfunding campaign and finance your project by proposing a new way of relating and collaborating? Today Wednesday May 4th we present the 7th Edition of #PiztuMETA! in Gipuzkoa. One more year we want to continue promoting the emergence of innovative initiatives in the cultural field, developed by agents based in Gipuzkoa. A funding call with which, in addition to learning, you, your community and your project grow.

The registration period will be from today May 4 at 00:00 until June 23 at 15:00 and you are invited to participate both individually and with your association, cooperative or group. Those innovative initiatives with a strong capacity to activate the creativity of Gipuzkoan agents will be especially valued.

Discover all the workshops that we have prepared to present your initiative in the best possible way and be part of this next call in our new article here.

International Crowdfunding/Matchfunding Workshop

Taller Internacional Crowdfunding/Matchfunding

From May 11 to 13, 2022 local authorities, professionals and stakeholders will meet with the experts of the Blue Crowdfunding Cluster in Naples to discuss issues and opportunities related to crowdfunding and shared funding.

The events are open, so if you want to learn more about innovative financial tools in the context of the blue economy, sign up at the links below and reserve your spot!

Among many other interventions, our colleagues from Fundación Platoniq, Chiara, Xesca and Eva will carry out workshops on crowdfunding and its communication, as well as indications of the legal framework of matchfunding and its successful application to matchfunding, as is the case of our beloved #PiztuMeta Call!

See you in 15 days! 😜

Up to here we arrive. We hope that this newsletter has encouraged you to continue walking towards the society of all and for all that we are approaching, little by little. Until next time!

Nos vemos en 15 días


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