💜 In March, feminists vindicated the struggles of a whole year, of a lifetime and of all those that brought us here. That is why today we want to celebrate with you the good start of the fem.goteo.org channel where you can already find more than 100 emancipatory projects co-financed thanks to you, where we continue to reaffirm our commitment to the dissemination and promotion of new initiatives. This 8M has already passed, but have no doubt that we will have very good news to give you this next 8A. Because we are #UltraViolet 😜

📬 In this newsletter we put our cards on the table with a set of events where we make visible the collective memory of feminisms, strengthen legal defense work in cases of discrimination against lesbian, bisexual and trans women and promote an unconditional basic income as an alternative to current economicist, violent and patriarchal system that fosters inequality, inequity and structuring into social classes.

😊 There is a lot to do and we are counting on you!

The Feminist Time Spiral 🌀

Portada de L'Espiral del Temps Feminista

🏡 "Feministime: the spiral of feminist time" is a board game based on the Timeline. The dynamic consists of chronologically ordering the cards to collectively create a line (or spiral) of time formed by relevant events of the feminist genealogy and, thus, build collective memory .

🌊 The idea comes from several activists, both from the Eskalera Karakola and like-minded friends, and including the creators of Feministas Reunidos as a response to the same need: to enjoy games in leisure time that talk about us and do not make us invisible. We want to play on our own terms, because we are playing our history.

😊 In this project you also support 50 allied artists who have created the 128 original illustrations of the events for free and altruistically. Get your deck and/or give one away at goteo.cc/feministime.

No LBT woman without defense 💪

Portada de Cap dona LBT sense defensa

♎️ The Observatory Against Homophobia is an entity born as a project within the Gay Liberation Front of Catalonia (FAGC) based in Barcelona, which was established as a legal entity in 2008 with the aim of making visible and denouncing lesbophobia, homophobia, transphobia , biphobia and interphobia (LGTBIphobia) in Catalonia.

👩 In this campaign specifically, the main objective is to obtain more economic resources to continue its work in guaranteeing the rights of lesbian, bisexual and trans (LBT) women, as well as responding to their needs and accompanying them in possible situations of discrimination and / or victimization.

🌱 If you are aware of the increase in violence experienced by lesbian, bisexual and trans (LBT) women and want to strengthen the work of the Observatory, you can collaborate in goteo.cc/capdonalbtsensedefensa.

ICE for the Unconditional Basic Income 🏡

Portada ICE per la Renda Bàsica Incondicional

🔥 An unconditional basic income is a monetary allowance for the entire population, regardless of their economic or employment situation, and which differs from other benefits in that it is unconditional, universal, individual and sufficient.

💪 The current economicist, violent and patriarchal system fosters inequality, inequity and structuring into social classes, discriminating against women for being women, as well as people with functional diversity, the elderly and all those who are not potentially usable for the benefit of those who have appropriated the means of production.

👴 If you also believe that in this growing inequality exacerbated by the economic crisis of 2008, the Covid pandemic and the very dynamic of concentration of wealth in fewer and fewer hands, typical of capitalism, the implementation of a monetary allocation is urgent universal, unconditional, sufficient and lifetime, donate and sign in goteo.cc/icexrentabasicaeuropea.

Data feminism in #OpenDataDay 💻

Portada de Feminisme de dades a l'#OpenDataDay

At Goteo, we take another step in our commitment to the commons and free knowledge: we join the GenderDataLab.org community and make available an open dataset on the feminist projects that They have gone through Drip.

Thus, we are committed to contributing to closing the gender data gap also in the social and solidarity economy, contributing our bit to publicizing more about the initiatives and impact of projects that promote gender equality and empowerment from a feminist perspective.

If you want to know much more, you can read this article about the session held last Monday, March 7, where our colleague Tayrine Dias spoke about open data with a gender perspective at Open Data Day, presenting our collaboration within the framework of the principles of data feminism.

See you in 15 days! 😜

Up to here we arrive. We hope that this newsletter has encouraged you to continue walking towards the society of all and for all that we are approaching, little by little. Until next time!


Following our aim to help develop the commons economy and the power of open source tools, we are now members of Meet.coop! An online meeting cooperative that cares about privacy and allows people and organisations to have quality online meetings with ethical tools.