🏛️ Everywhere and at all times, in the face of adversity we have built places where we can recover from the inclemencies, fatigue and desolation: we call them refuge, from the Latin "re-fugare" (to flee backwards). Today we want to share with you that, very close to the end of the year, we as a team have congratulated ourselves on the transformative progress made while we wanted to give ourselves the freedom to flee, take a few steps back, to land and build. thus a more solid base from which to continue exploring and growing, which is what we like and love the most! We believe that it is a very interesting exercise and we recommend it 😉.

📬 In this newsletter you will get to know three spaces with the same objective of being that new house, a reception and restoration space for very different groups: a large sanctuary in Murcia for animals that need care after traumatic experiences, a creative space in Malaga for young artists or that they are beginning to develop their activity and an open cultural center with special attention to giving voice to the migrant population or those of migrant and racialized origin in Madrid. At Fundación Goteo we believe that spaces for care and meeting between those of us who want to leave a positive mark are more necessary than ever, so we would like to inspire you as much as we do. Let's go!

Building a Grand Sanctuary 🐶

🌿 "We do not defend nature, we are nature defending itself" is the way of understanding the life we share with our companions from the Alma Libertaria Sanctuary.

⛩ They defend a shelter daily where more than 100 animals of different species have managed to survive the most adverse situations and their highest aspiration is to continue caring for and rescuing the most stigmatized and defenseless animals in this society, those for whom very few people he would care for them and they would see a way out for their special conditions.

🐰 If you want to join this group of few different people working for the same purpose when creating and maintaining this place, you can take part in goteo.cc/construyendoungransantuario

La Nave 🏚 

🏭 Every year the ASC La Nave welcomes dozens of cultural creators including young artists or those who are just beginning to develop their activity. Most of which lack sufficient knowledge and technical means to create powerful audiovisual content that helps them increase their visibility on networks and platforms (YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, TikTok, etc.).

🧰 With this project, they will be helped to create said content, offering them a service both for the realization and production of videos, photographs, interviews, spots, etc ... thanks to a promoter team of the Audiovisual Platform of La Nave, expert in communication and audiovisual media.

🎥 It promotes this audiovisual platform for the production and streaming of social and cultural movements in goteo.cc/lanave.

La Parcería 🌈

🏡 The Cultural Center for Artistic Experimentation and Documentation (CCEDA) of La Parcería is a house for the meeting of all people regardless of origin, nationality, gender or age; In this place, the voice of the migrant population or of migrant and racialized origin is the protagonist, for this reason you will find diverse artistic and cultural expressions that transform the participatory construction processes of the city of Madrid.

🎭 After an experience of more than ten years activating projects that have also had the support of institutions and public entities, the space wants to continue growing for the active participation of citizens, creating spaces for dialogue and shared construction.

👉 If you also want to promote the development of artistic and cultural projects that contribute to processes of horizontal and active participation, collaborate in goteo.cc/laparceria.

🚀 Matchimpulsa x3 Again! 🤗

🗓️ Do you remember that in the last newsletter we told you about the x3 gamification that we carry out for 24 hours with MatchImpulsa? Well, we want to end the year in style and this Wednesday from 10 a.m. to Thursday at 10 a.m. ... we will triple any contribution you make up to € 200!

✊ Promote digital platforms with free software and a feminist and commons approach. Each project is a treasure, with objectives as diverse and transformative as women's health, the education of the youngest to distinguish the news that circulates on the networks, a social network to make visible the thousands of women who carry out their activity in the music industry ... A new and fresh world to discover to be built together in goteo.cc/matchimpulsa!

🚀 New developments in Goteo

We are premiering in Goteo! A few days ago you can see on our platform a new section where we comment on the impact of all your actions. We have defined three footprints: democratic, social and ecological. Through them you will be able to understand the impact that projects have and play with them to discover new projects that you might like to know about.

We have also created a new section where you can see the projects based on the Sustainable Development Goals. Here you have three views, one is even a map to be able to see the geographical distribution of the projects. We hope you like these developments!

See you in 15 days! 😜

Up to here we arrive. We hope that this newsletter has encouraged you to continue walking towards the society of all and for all that we are approaching, little by little. Until next time!


Following our aim to help develop the commons economy and the power of open source tools, we are now members of Meet.coop! An online meeting cooperative that cares about privacy and allows people and organisations to have quality online meetings with ethical tools.