🏛️ 15 days ago we celebrated our 10th anniversary as Fundación Goteo and today we want to dedicate the newsletter to the cultural heritage of historic buildings. Did someone say "midlife crisis"? 😅😂 In truth, making the artistic heritage of humanity visible to publicize the best examples of the reuse of said buildings seems to us something as wonderful as it is transformative. If these new uses are decided through inclusive management and governance, it already gives us all the happiness in the world. We want to be with you there: collectives, local and municipal administration, testing new forms of participation and using crowdfunding mechanisms to create active heritage communities.

📬 In this newsletter you will learn about three proposals: a transformative look at heritage to create a cultural space, a family project focused on the community and a civil struggle for the preservation of the ecosystem against the speculative practices of capitalist hyperconsumption. Said like this, it seems like a world and an inordinate task, but there are many of us and if we continue to row in the same direction we will achieve this and much more. We remain convinced because together. Come on, to the mess!

## La Benéfica 🏛 

🏛 La Benéfica - Espaciu Cultural right now is a great dream. The dream of having in L’Infiestu, Piloña, a space that combines four concerns: cultural artistic expression, community action, the fight against the abandonment and depopulation of rural areas and the transmission of knowledge.

🎨 It wants to be a space that gives visibility to contemporary and avant-garde artistic expression, but also to popular and traditional culture, and that also facilitates the transmission of knowledge between different generations. A space totally rooted in the community, which stimulates the cultural ecosystem of the Conceyu de Piloña, and also a leisure space for the young and not so young. One reason not to leave town, a place to create and enjoy culture.

🦋 If you also believe that La Benéfica is an ambitious project, which can have an impact far beyond Asturias, weaving alliances with artistic projects from all over Europe, and with a program that makes the center a national reference, join the project at goteo.cc/labenefica.

## La Güerta Monga 🥕

🥕 After 6 years of establishing an agroecological cooperative, Paula and Xosé Antón, together with the driving force behind everything, their daughter Dulia, decide to make the leap to a farm in the place of Monga (Nava conceyu) at the end of 2020. They will start their own garden project seasonal and diversified organic, which takes advantage of short marketing channels in order to humanize producer-consumer relations.

✊ There they realize that the sale in municipal squares is a political bet, they understand that it is necessary to give visibility to the peasantry and they decide to occupy the public spaces that are gradually being taken away from them, as well as to recover the practice of "open doors" in which people go to buy vegetables, visit the farm, ask questions and share.

👉 This campaign aims to create a space to store production and receive visitors to promote the values ​​of food sovereignty, mutual support, cultural identity and environmental responsibility. If it resonates with you, support them in goteo.cc/guertamonga.

## Save the Mountain 🏔

🏔 Many years ago Chief Seattle replied to a land speculator, "How can you buy or sell the sky or the warmth of the earth? That is a strange idea for us, if no one can possess the freshness of the wind or the brilliance of the water. How is it possible that you propose to buy them? "

🪨 In 2018 a similar offer was repeated in Cáceres, when the Australian developer Infinity Lithium, associated with Sacyr to form Tecnología Extremadura del Lithium, proposed to its inhabitants to open an open-pit mine. Said intervention would destroy the Calerizo, a large mass of underground water around which the city of Cáceres is born and from which it is nourished, being the origin of the first human settlements in the area.

⚖️ If you want to join their fight, denouncing the irregularities already committed (pressures, obscurantism, irregular investigation permits, misleading advertising campaigns, illegal paths for which the company has been condemned with a fine not yet paid ...) enter today and collaborates in goteo.cc/salvemoslamontana.

## 🚀 Matchimpulsa

On November 10, we launched MatchImpulsa, an initiative of the Open Chair to collectively finance the activity of a dozen projects in Barcelona that create a digital platform with free software and a feminist and commons approach.

With the support and co-financing of the action research group Dimmons (IN3 UOC), the Barcelona City Council and Barcelona Activa this leap in the social and solidarity and collaborative economy of Barcelona seeks to strengthen platform cooperativism by amplifying its scope and opportunities and contributing to well-being of people and the right to the city. Let's promote it together in goteo.cc/matchimpulsa!

## 🟡 BootCamp

Have you already signed up? Do it here

The InDICEs Bootcamp will bring together professionals and practitioners working at the intersection of data, digitization and cultural heritage to explore and experiment with how data can impact and inform the future of digital cultural heritage. Together with DigitalFems, CIMA, the Europeana Steering Committee, Tecnopolítica/UOC, Wikimedians and various actors from GLAM institutions, four Flash Task Forces with up to 8 participants will work on different thematic areas from gender inequality in CHIs to digital participation in the GLAMs sector and the use of data in participatory culture.

The inDICEs bootcamp will take place the 23-24 of november in Barcelona at the Canòdrom. It will be a dynamic event with both hands-on activities as well as keynotes and workshops. Invited speakers will share their expertise to develop research hypotheses to imagine the future of how digital, cultural and data can support a more plural, innovative and egalitarian platform for cultural heritage. Based on these hypotheses, Flash Task Forces will work on the collection, analysis and visualization of data as cultural assets. In addition, the bootcamp will also present the InDICEs Open Observatory to a wider audience to share its objectives and create new networks for a greater public engagement around digital cultural heritage.

## 🏛 Open Heritage

If we can think of an entity that deviates from the identification of spaces of historical interest with democratic innovation in its management, without a doubt we must speak of openheritage.org, in whose acronym (Organizing, Promoting and Enabling Heritage Re-use through Inclusion, Technology, Access, Governance and Empowerment) we have already found a whole route towards their goals that we share.

From the Platoniq Foundation we have been collaborating with it for years, currently in the development of its website based on the Decidim platform as well as from the Goteo Foundation we have accompanied in the co-financing of some interesting communities such as La Fábrika de Toda La Vida.

Take a look if you want to know many more initiatives in various countries to promote new projects through best practices.

## 🎈 Fiare

Since 2018, Fiare Banca Etica, with the collaboration of Fundación Goteo, has been promoting crowdfunding campaigns on projects in various fields and themes that have in common working for the common good.

Today Wednesday begins the 1st Crowdfunding Call "Positive Impact" in the field of disability launched thanks to the contribution of Etica Funds and which will be published on the Fiare Channel, within our platform.

We encourage you to present your project here if your proposal is aimed at the field of disability and their families in order to support organizations that work on the social and labor inclusion of people and support for their families.

See you in 15 days! 😜

Up to here we arrive. We hope that this newsletter has encouraged you to continue walking towards the society of all and for all that we are approaching, little by little. Until next time!


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