💪 Some say that everyone is as young as their illusions and as old as their memories. For this reason, some of us, on each new anniversary, face the same dilemma: do we look back at everything we have fought (lost and achieved) to "count battles" or do we look to the horizon to encourage those who want to join us in our new adventures? Today in Goteo we are celebrating 10 years of making community and we want to continue doing it "tropo hundred" years more. So it's already said. Let's go "to the mess"! 😜

📬 In this newsletter we present you 3 projects that propose resilient communities, in different parts of the territory and spearheading struggles for basic rights: an energy community based in a school, an initiative to connect rural spaces with future inhabitants and a refuge natural for diverse, participatory and caring activism at the center. We have a lot to do and today is always the best day.

Country Houses to Live 🏡

🌐 The MxV project was born in response to a selfish, isolated and outdated system that leads us to the exhaustion of the planet. Thus, we have the ecosystems touched to death and this forces us to be responsible and force a change.

🏡 The objective is to evolve towards a regenerative alternative and therefore the first step is to recover spaces from the rural worlds, rethinking and re-inhabiting in a conscious and respectful way. We want Country Houses to Live.

🤗 For this reason, through a web application, we want to entangle people who want to live and produce in coexistence with nature and societies so that they are protagonists of the change in the productive and housing model.

💧 You can contribute in goteo.cc/masiesxviure.

Basoa 🌳

🌳 The word 'basoa' in Basque means forest and symbolizes the richest, wildest and freest ecosystem in nature. Whoever escapes goes to the forest, each one to her forest. It is the natural refuge where the coven, peace and life are born. Basoa is a project of solidarity and social transformation.

🌄 Our house is located in the Arratia valley, in Bizkaia, it will be a crossroads of activism in the region, a meeting point between agents and people from Arratia and its surroundings. Rooted in the valley, it will have Euskera and Basque culture as its hallmark, and cultural diversity as its objective.

💞 A space for experimentation, a way of living and acting in community, based on self-management, horizontality and participation. A simple and humble life, that does not give importance to material values. The taste for that life and for the enjoyment of time and knowledge will make up a chain of affection and mutual care.

👉 If you want to help them, enter goteo.cc/basoa.

The Energy of the School 💡

💡 What if you could support a school that wants to produce its own renewable energy, transform its town and eradicate energy poverty in the community? And serve as an example to all of Spain ... Would you support it? At Arroyomolinos de León they want to cultivate their own energy, as if they were tomatoes. And distribute it in a fair way.

😊 With this project we will demonstrate that a change in the energy model (polluting, fossil, centralized and dominated by a few companies) is urgent and possible. To guarantee the sustainability of the planet and the democratization of energy, that this is not a luxury product but a guaranteed universal right.

👉 You can support them in goteo.cc/laenergiadelcole.

👥 #LaEnergíaDelCole Dialogue

😊 From time to time we have the opportunity to get to know the people behind a campaign even better and this is one of those occasions that we invite you to take advantage of. Today, Thursday, November 4 at 5:00 p.m., via Facebook Live from Asociación MUTI launch their second discussion, this time on "Democratization of access to energy vs. oligopoly" with Fernando Ferrando (Fundación Renovables) and María Prado (Greenpeace y Cooperativa Goiener).

🔂 Si no pudiste verlo en su momento, también puedes acceder aquí al pasado conversatorio (del 24/10), con Patricia Ibarra de Profesorxs por el Futuro (Future_Spain) que se centró en el rol de la educación pública en la creación de comunidades energéticas.

🟡 Bootcamp inDICEs

🎉 Save the date! The #inDICEs bootcamp will take place the 23-24 of November in Bcn, at Canòdrom! We will reimagine data as cultural assets, exploring how data can inform the future of digital cultural heritage.

🏛The inDICEs Bootcamp aims to bring together 30 professionals and practitioners working at the intersection of data, digital praxis, and cultural heritage to explore and experiment with data. Register here.

🚀 Introducing meta.cercles.coop!

🗓 This past Tuesday the Platoniq colleagues made the presentation of Meta.Cercles, a space for mutual help and definition of improvements in the uses of Cercles.Coop. A place to share experiences of using Circles, where to identify new needs, and where to collectively decide where the project is going.

🧰 This meeting point for digital participation in cooperativism will also be a space for deliberation and decision of a deliberation and decision tool (hence "meta").

👉 We invite you to take a look and join the more than 5000 users who are already discovering all its possibilities in meta.cercles.coop.

See you in 15 days! 😜

Up to here we arrive. We hope that this newsletter has encouraged you to continue walking towards the society of all and for all that we are approaching, little by little. Until next time!


Following our aim to help develop the commons economy and the power of open source tools, we are now members of Meet.coop! An online meeting cooperative that cares about privacy and allows people and organisations to have quality online meetings with ethical tools.