💪 This week in the newsroom we were talking about decision making. We agree that many times our hopes are more reflective than our fears, no one is safe from making an occasional mistake, and almost always it is enough to acknowledge and apologize. Certain mistakes, however, are of such magnitude that they change everything and thus we remember some well-known ones: Bilbo Baggins collecting the Ring in the dragon's cave, the city of Troy accepting the gift of a huge wooden horse, Jack refusing to get on it. to the table with Rose in the Titanic movie ... a lot to learn!

📬 In this newsletter we want to encourage you to learn about three wonderful projects that made the decision to change the established course for the better and which we support with all our heart: a popular legislation initiative in favor of the implementation of an unconditional basic income; the reopening of a center for African and Afro-descendant cultural creation in Madrid; the creation of a magazine to talk about maternal care and put it at the center of the agenda.

🤗 These are our proposals... you decide!

ILP Basic Income 🗳

🗳 This initiative in favor of the implementation of an Unconditional Basic Income emerges as evidence of the need to create the definitive tool to end poverty (in this case, within the Basque Autonomous Community).

💛It is about achieving, through a citizen initiative, a new law that establishes that in order to have a dignified life, an income -paid by the public administration- is required, as a result of a more redistributive tax reform. This entails a public information campaign, with the collection of signatures that endorse such a request to parliament and oblige it to address this matter.

🎈 To make possible a basic income that is compatible with other activities and other income, support this initiative and sign for it in goteo.cc/ilprentabasicaeuskadi.

Afro Consciousness Cultural Centero 🌍

⏩ These are times of change. This 2021 the residency at the Matadero Madrid Contemporary Creation Center ends, but we will not allow Afro Conscience to disappear. We will take advantage of this turning point to take a step forward and build our own and independent space.

✊ That is why they have launched a campaign with the aim of opening a cultural center that promotes the creation and dissemination of African and Afro-descendant cultures in Madrid and that becomes a point of reference for society.

👉 You can support them in goteo.cc/centroculturaldeconcienciaafro.

MaMagazine 🌳

🪆"A baby comes into your life and boom! It bombards you" Mamagazine tells us, and continues "But the rubble that falls on you is not the cries of your child. Nor its upbringing. It is the way in which we nurse where it resides. the problem.

💜 If you also believe that mothers are alone, very lonely, in such a transcendent task and they need motherhood to leave the private sphere and permeate the social and political spheres ... this is your magazine.

👉 To share and alleviate the rigors of parenting. To talk about care and put it at the center of the agenda. To make your heart explode and not your head, this initiative was born and you can join it in goteo.cc/mamagazine.

🚀 Successful launch of #PiztuMeta2021

🗓 One week after the start of the 15 fantastic campaigns to promote culture in Gipuzkoa, €18,799 have already been received from the public and €15,767 from the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa.

✌️ Remember that in matchfunding campaigns, a public or private institution, in this case being the Provincial Council, doubles the contribution made to each project up to € 100 per donor. This is how we multiply the resources for each project.

🤙 There is also a period that lasts only 24 hours, in which your contributions will be multiplied x3. If you want to find out everything, remember to follow us on our networks at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter y LinkedIn

💙 BlueCrowd Seminar October 7

🗓 This coming October 7, starting at 10 am, the International Seminar on civic financing and matchfunding will take place.

🧮 During the seminar, the results of the analysis carried out by the project partners on the potential use of European funds to co-finance civic crowdfunding initiatives will be shown, through a set of good practices related to civic crowdfunding initiatives carried out by public institutions.

The event is part of the ongoing activities of the Blue Crowdfunding project, funded by the INTERREG-Med Program. Among the panel of experts in crowdfunding will be our colleague Chiara Rutolo and we hope to both contribute and learn a lot from other entities. Enrollment is available here.

🤗 The power to (dis)inform

🗞Do you know what the first #fakenews in history was? What can we learn from historical hoaxes to combat #disinformation? How are these questions addressed by the Platoniq Foundation?

✅ The answers, in this brilliant article by our colleague Marta Anducas, where we look back to understand how the production, distribution and consumption of hoaxes has evolved.

👉 In it we focus on the youth and the library and teaching staff, protagonists in the process of building an active citizenship with critical capacity. Check it out here.

See you in 15 days! 😜

Up to here we arrive. We hope that this newsletter has encouraged you to continue walking towards the society of all and for all that we are approaching, little by little. Until next time!


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