💪 September has been here days ago and many of us are still landing on this new course. With renewed energy? Doubtfully? Neither one nor the other? At Fundación Goteo we join all those who one day discovered that the only constant thing is change and that improvising, knowing how to adapt and responding instantly brings us a little closer to experiencing happiness. In our case, what motivates us the most is to continue receiving transformative, risky and diverse proposals. Do you have any in mind? Let us know!

📬 In this newsletter you will know Abueland, a very powerful book on care with the elderly as the protagonist; ¡Que no caiga!, an educational project with sport as a common thread; and Mother Tree, a nurturing space that respects the interests of childhood as the main axis. Take a look and marvel.

Abueland 👵

👵 From satire and a gender perspective, Abueland's vignettes collected in this book portray everyday situations that have to do with upbringing, conciliation and care, focusing on the little recognized role of the elderly.

❤️ Abueland has contributed to making visible, documenting, recognizing and socializing the role that grandmothers and grandparents have today in caring for children and from there it has provoked reflection and generated social dialogue.

🎈 Take a look, support them and get your copy at goteo.cc/abueland.

Don't let it fall! ⚽️

🌍 African Football Academy is a football association and academy in Senegal that Bekaye, the founder of Big Road Elkartea, created in Rufisque along with other childhood companions. From the experiences of its founders, African Football Academy launches a project to unite these two elements: football and education.

🎓 The objective of African Football Academy is to offer these young people the possibility of playing soccer, training, and training in this field, but it is an essential requirement that they return to study to be part of the team.

👉 If you find an initiative as beautiful as we do, you can enter to promote it in goteo.cc/bigroadelkartea.

Mother Tree 🌳

📒 Waldorf education places creatures at the center and teachers at the center of the educational process. Therefore, whoever chooses to teach is fully committed to the development of children, providing guidance, development and affection to sustain them for life. Therefore, it is vital to ensure an enriching environment and all the necessary resources.

🌳 In Órgiva, Andalusia, they promote this educational and parenting alternative for the 3 to 6-year-old stage in Arbol Madre, guaranteeing all elementary school options towards the next school.

☀️ If you also believe that education should be at the service of life, and therefore you support us in a teaching process that facilitates the learning of knowledge and skills at each stage of development, in an experiential way, you can learn about the project and contribute to it on goteo.cc/arbolmadre.

🚀 We launched the 2nd Call #CanalFIC!

🌸 The year begins and we collect everything sown in spring to continue promoting cultural projects in the city of Barcelona! With the First Edition of #CanalFic, at Fundación Goteo, in collaboration with the Fabra Creation Factory (FiC) and the ICUB, we facilitate the financing of projects for current FiC residents. This initiative combines collective financing (crowdfunding), through the Goteo platform, with the institutional support of the Barcelona Institute of Culture (ICUB). The Goteo Foundation will provide specialized attention from the team for the drafting and final design of the campaign as well as all the support for its promotion and dissemination.

✌️ In the 1st Call they managed to reach their goal both Electro Prepared Piano and Él Corrió Junto a Su Camarada. In this second call, we are going with two more projects that are equally spectacular.

SOLC Festival ⛰

⛰ This first edition of "SOLC Festival · Bioarte Society" It will be in a rural space and with powerful tools: your senses and your emotions. The Festival connects the creation of contemporary artistic practices with people and the environment, with human and non-human beings and with objects of memory that move us, with living memory, with our life episodes. A common thread that unites us and transforms us as resilient communities. Take a good look at it and participate!

Dreamtime 🤯

🤯 Dreamtime is a work for dance, music and video-mapping conceived as a “hypnopera”, a transdisciplinary stage work based on the dreams of a series of people. From the texts of the Angolan / Portuguese writer Gonçalo Tavares and the music of Luis Tabuenca, the viewer will discover a character in search of another space, evoking the current world situation, where dreams are presented as the only space of freedom for the individual. If you are passionate about the idea, support him!

See you in 15 days! 😜

Up to here we arrive. We hope that this newsletter has encouraged you to continue walking towards the society of all and for all that we are approaching, little by little. Until next time!


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