🏡🔥 My great-grandmother used to say: "The whole village goes to a fire and to a wedding" and I never knew if she meant that with the fireplace lit in winter a visitor always came to warm up at home ... or that communal solidarity was activated in the face of a fire to extinguish it.

📬 In this newsletter we acknowledge a certain sadness at witnessing an incomprehensible and frustrating cycle where every summer we face arson, we mobilize precious material and human resources to stop the catastrophe and we tell ourselves that when winter arrives we will prepare so that it does not repeat. At the same time, it fills us with hope to see the irreducible power of the organized community. For this reason, today we want to publicize these three initiatives that persist in generating life: promoting reforestation in Molino de Guadalmesí; preserving a communal space for a living rural world between Madrid and Valencia; cultivating a school garden in Cádiz.

✊ We know that fire destroys in hours the effort of years to plant, care for and share ... but some of us are tenacious, we are not going to give up on it and, perhaps with a little more persistence, what seemed hopelessly a failure can become in a collective success.

Let's save an ecosystem 🌱

😓 This project was born out of frustration and anger at seeing how human beings are destroying their own home. But far from laments and statism, the Molino de Guadalmesí Learning community has decided to turn that anger into action and they are going to regenerate a total of 10,000 m2 of land degraded by the historical pressure of human activities, in the final stretch of the Guadalmesí River.

🌱 The area is a must for many migratory birds (such as vultures, eagles or storks) and home to countless very valuable species of flora and fauna (such as oaks, cork oaks, ferns or otters, amphibians, genets, roe deer ...). In addition to housing the last remnants of the ancient laurel forest, also known as cloud forest. A rich forest that connected the Mediterranean basin with Eurasia and Northwest Africa, more than 20 million years ago, which today in Europe only survives in the canute of the Guadalmesí River and some islands of Macaronesia.

⛰ If you also want to join to save this beautiful place, enter and collaborate in goteo.cc/salvemosunecosistema.

La Venta de Contreras

🏡 Hidden at the foot of the Port of Contreras in La Manchuela Conquense, is La Venta de Contreras. This post house built in the middle of the seventeenth century with mud and lime and wood, is one of the few stores that has never stopped serving travelers and its will is to continue doing so.

👵 The project is aimed at the user population and at those organizations, collectives, social movements that have had La Venta as a place of welcome, support or even where they have begun to walk as initiatives. In addition, it is also aimed at those entities that do not know about the Sale, but that could join this great network and this be a meeting space for them.

🌱 Discover his story and his team at goteo.cc/laventadecontreras.

Orchard School of Cádiz 🌾

💚 The La Mar de Verde Association needs your help to launch and consolidate the work of the Huerto Escuela "La Parcela" in Cádiz. This space will be a breeding ground for citizen initiatives to promote different urban agriculture projects from there: school gardens, community gardens, a network of green roofs, a network of associative gardens ... that serve to reinforce learning and cohesion among citizens , so that we prepare for the challenges of the socio-environmental crisis that we already have.

🥑 The space of "La Parcela" has been transferred to the association, but they need to find resources to keep it standing as a seedbed of learning for children, young people and adults who have realized that we have to turn our gaze to the earth, reconcile with it and learn to care for it and cultivate it.

💧 If you also want to make this space grow, give it life andn goteo.cc/huertoescuelaparacadiz.

The 15 projects #PiztuMeta2021! 💪

🤗 The time has come to find out about the cultural initiatives that will be launched on September 29 and that will receive financial support from the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa. After 5 successful editions with a total of 79 projects financed and € 748,700 distributed, we continue to consolidate matchfunding in Gipuzkoa as a co-financing tool available to cultural agents who are enriching and strengthening the local fabric.

😜 If you don't want to wait until after the summer to discover this year's proposals, go to goteo.cc/lxs15piztumeta2021 and find out about the 15 projects selected for this call and that will have the matchfunding incentive of € 70,000 provided by the Provincial Council.

DialoGoteo Fires 🔥

🌲 Soon two years ago, in the editorial staff of Fundación Goteo we were debating the causes of so many fires and we defined three concepts (fire, fire and people). We wanted to understand their relationship and decided to contact someone who could explain us. Believers to the core in mutual support, we pulled the agenda and asked for help from three groups that had expert and diverse knowledge to have a meeting: Civio, Rebrotem and Proxecto Batefogo.

🥰 All of them responded affirmatively, giving us joy, renewing our faith in the community and making possible not only an exchange rich in experiences and proposals but also some key ideas that we describe in this article here. We hope you find it just as interesting and revealing, as well as how it can serve to increase awareness and achieve that necessary balance as part of the ecosystem.

See you in 15 days! 😜

Up to here we arrive. We hope that this newsletter has encouraged you to continue walking towards the society of all and for all that we are approaching, little by little. Until next time!