☀️ Summer has arrived and with it his songs. Those that, no matter how heavy they may be, it must be recognized that some are fond of. So we invite you to join us in that optimism that is born of warmth, freshness and the desire to be excited. Also to take up those old and long projects or start new and brief dreams that can be carried out on a vacation. Whatever summer you have, we want the current in which you are fishing to be your time.

📬 In this newsletter we want to invite you to light the fire of a sustainable workshop project that works with edible wild species, taste the tigernut and horchata of an agroecological entity that recovers the cultivation with animal traction and accompany a theatrical company that wants to make visible with sensitivity the rich inner world of those people who, from time to time, fly beyond the everyday. Thank you for being with us once again!

Eixarcolant 🍞🔥

🍞🔥 What are we contributing to with our daily consumption? At Eixarcolant they want to show that another model is possible, so their objective is sustainability, traceability and social justice in food production.

😊 For this, this work wants to obtain quality food, good, healthy, nutritious and for all tastes only from local raw materials, grown in a truly sustainable way, and for which a fair price has been paid to farmers and female farmers.

💪 Join the new paradigm, support this benchmark and let's make the change come to the whole country in goteo.cc/eixarcolant.

Mas del Fondo 🏡🥛

🏡🥛 At "Mas del Fondo" they want to do all the possible work in the field with horse, recovering the agricultural activity after more than twenty years of abandoning the land and sustainably growing organic vegetables.

🌱 Knowing that a farm of this size has a very high energy consumption, both in irrigation and in the diesel used by the usual tractors, his proposal is to carry out an energy transition that recovers traditional agriculture.

🐴 If you want to collaborate in reducing the carbon footprint and recovering from an agricultural culture associated with animal traction, you can make your contribution at goteo.cc/terraixufa.

The sensitivity of ducks 🥰🦆

🥰🦆 The Sensitivity of the Ducks is a show that combining Gestural Theater and Scenic Acrobatics wants to tell in an innocent and poetic way the reality of people with a special sensitivity in a clownesque and piercing tone.

🎪 We often call that clumsy person who stumbles continuously or whose hands slip glasses or books from his hands. Is the clumsiness that or perhaps it is a consequence of his magnificent imagination? It is difficult to pay attention to day-to-day things, when you live immersed in a fantastic internal world.

❤️ What if we listened to those who do not fit in and choke on their words judging themselves for not being able to be like everyone else? What if we put ourselves in their shoes? Today you can make a revealing show come true at goteo.cc/sensibilidadpatos.

Transparent like water 🌊

😊 Did you know that your beloved collaborative financing platform http://goteo.org offers crowdfunding project data through an API? With it, you can discover what may be the best month to get your project out or the average contribution of the users. At https://datos.gob.es, the national platform that organizes and manages the Public Sector Open Data Catalog, and promotes advanced services based on them, we have already been impressed and recommended.

🤓 The application programming interface, also known by the acronym API, is a set of subroutines, functions and procedures that offers a certain library to be used. A marvel, come on!

😜 Said in non-computer language, thanks to this tool you can enter the website http://stats.goteo.org right now and consult a lot of updated information: how many projects reached Goteo, typology, how many we finally published, what is the percentage of success ... Come in and explore!

ShowRoom was great 🗣

💻 Last Tuesday, July 6, we held the presentation of the Goteo Foundation and its crowdfunding platform to fifty startups called by ACCIÓ (Agency for the Competitiveness of Business of the Generalitat of Catalonia) and it was a success.

😊 As a reminder, we verify the richness of having entities in the social and solidarity economy that accompany transformative projects from their initial stage to "infinity and beyond."

🙏 We feel very fortunate to be part of that journey and, we will say, even feel a certain pride in seeing how a small project validated on the platform ends up reaching a projection that not even the promoters themselves would have imagined.

See you in 15 days! 😜

Up to here we arrive. We hope that this newsletter has encouraged you to continue walking towards the society of all and for all that we are approaching, little by little. Until next time!