🕸 If a network is defined by its fabric and what it can sustain, social networks can be seen as the set of people who have links with each other (friendship, kinship, work, hobbies, etc ...) and the structure they build Between everyone. For this reason, at Fundación Goteo we strive daily to pay close attention to how people develop their relationships of love and care through association and cooperation, as well as accompany these processes and help them achieve the necessary resources to carry out their goals.

📬 In this newsletter we present three initiatives that want to "entangle" affinities and promote renewed and innovative patterns in very diverse spaces. You will know a space for collective Afrocentric and Afro-feminist construction; Community spaces where football is an integrating and emancipating tool; and, finally, a social workshop on recycling, making and ethical and feminist textile distribution where people at risk of social exclusion come forward. We, for our part, continue to thank every day that there are so many people promoting such necessary projects and we greatly appreciate the trust placed. Without further ado, we leave you with them. Let's go!

Periferia Cimarronas 🏭

💃Culture is a tool for social transformation and therefore, together with Periferia Cimarronas, we also dream of a space for collective and creative construction that promotes participation and coexistence between different artistic and cultural disciplines from an Afro-focused and Afro-feminist perspective.

🎨 We want to turn this space into a center of living culture, a place of meeting, recognition, participation and exchange of tasks and knowledge in which to promote social empowerment and the dissemination of culture, from self-employment, mutual support and the fight against all kinds of discrimination.

👉 If you are also excited about this campaign and want to collaborate to start the works of the premises, you can make your contribution at goteo.cc/periferiacimarronas.

Football for all ⚽️

👟 Street Soccer Barcelona is a non-profit association aimed at homeless people and those in acute social precariousness. They use football as an integrating and emancipating tool to improve the quality of life of people in social exclusion and, in turn, involve the general population in this integration process in order to achieve a more cohesive society.

🥅 They currently have two Community Soccer Spaces where they offer free training for those who need it most and work directly with referrals from entities. Due to lack of resources, they are not being able to meet all the demand that contacts them and therefore they launch this campaign with the aim of acquiring sports equipment as well as a salary for a socio-sports coach and coordination.

✊ If you believe in sport as a tool for integration, support this project today in goteo.cc/futbolparatodxs.

Bread and Roses 🌹

🤗 How many social workshops on recycling, clothing and ethical and feminist textile distribution do you know? When you dive into this MissComadres and Ubeefe project your head will explode (for good!).

🍞Pan y rosas proposes a social, transformative and cooperative textile production with Andalusian cotton, spun and woven in Catalonia, made in Canals and Xàtiva and printed in Granada. But there is still more, and that is why they also start the Cooperative Social Fund with which to create a recycling workshop and a sewing workshop in Xàtiva, both with people at risk of social exclusion.

🧶 Thus they intend to show the entire production process in the most pedagogical way possible and also be totally transparent in costs, benefits and traceability, making visible all the invisible that is behind each piece of clothing to give value to all the workers and projects and Also, to show with numbers and information what a shirt costs if we all pay decently and work here instead of relocating production to countries with fewer rights and, therefore, costs.

✊ If this reality resonates with you and you want to support this initiative, enter and contribute goteo.cc/panyrosas.

#PiztuMETA2021 is here! 🚀

🚀 META is back! with # PiztuMETA2021, the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council plan with Fundación Goteo that has given us so many joys, encouraging cultural projects through #micro-patronage and #matchfunding. With this call we make it possible that for every euro that you contribute to a project, the Provincial Council makes another equal contribution, thus doubling the collection, until a bag of € 70,000 is exhausted to be distributed among 15 projects.

💻 This week was the presentation at a press conference with all the information and testimonies of two of the finalist and successful initiatives in the previous edition. You can watch it again here and also review your notions of Basque 😜.

😌 We will collect all the project proposals that you want to present us at goteo.cc/piztumeta2021 until June 23rd. Read the rules carefully to keep in mind that it is a call for cultural projects in Gipuzkoa and, if you have any questions, we encourage you to send us your query to info@goteo.org.

PiztuMeta2021 Workshops ❤️

🤗 If "no one is born knowing everything" and "erring, erring, is getting it right", what better preparation to launch your project than to sign up for our free workshops and Campaign Communication online?

😗 We often have all the illusion in the world to make our project come true but we are aware that we lack tools. And many times we leave it for a "later" that lasts forever ...

😙 Here we are willing to accompany you in everything you need, so we encourage you to present your initiative and sign up for these workshops. You will learn everything you need to launch this crowdfunding campaign (and all the others you want from now on if you discover that you are passionate about it!) Through 2 sessions. The first on May 26 and the second on June 10. Both at the same time from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. You just have to click on the dates and sign up. Take the opportunity!

See you in 15 days! 😜

Up to here we arrive. We hope that this newsletter has encouraged you to continue walking towards the society of all and for all that we are approaching, little by little. Until next time!