⛅️ If it is true that on many occasions the past limits us and the future frightens us ... we can agree that the only place where we have the power to change things is the present. Truth?

🌤 Thus, in the face of the (re) appearance of far-right political proposals, contrary to democracy and Fundamental Rights, today we want to recall the vital importance of moving forward: cooperating, generating and supporting social transformation initiatives.

☀️ Whether you have just met us or if you have been part of Goteo for a while, we continue to show in each of the campaigns that we support that hope and that satisfaction of doing it together. Where we want to leave a mark is well known: we promote an ecological and democratic society where our mission is to continue advancing with you towards a community that cares for everyone.

📬 In this newsletter we want to show the strength of the neighborhood, that "word" to designate the energy of each of the people who inhabit a common space and come together to make it a shared home. We will travel from the past to the present of some of these neighborhoods to rescue their creation, we will visit a social center recovered from the jaws of demolition and finally we will attend the birth of a communication medium (neighborhood and for the neighborhood!) In a a city that has seen its population multiply by three in a few years. We also encourage you to keep an eye on it and participate in the Team4Team project, to form a critical and informed citizenry as the best weapon against the far right. Made the presentations, let's go!

The Standard 🏭

🎬 This campaign aims to document the construction of a neighborhood and the history of a time in the city of Toledo and in Spain itself, which involved a transformation in less than a decade driven by the arrival of the factories. The arrival in 1970 of “La Standard” will promote the birth of a new neighborhood, “El Polígono”.

🏗 With this documentary we will give visibility to those who made this change possible, with their testimonies, experiences and unpublished images collected for this project, but for this to become a reality, they need your help. Although the focus is on the local, the anecdotal has behind much of the meanings of a historical moment in which we see reflected the transition experienced in many cities and towns in Spain.

👉 If you also want to help remember this moment so that new generations know the origins and efforts that made the construction of a neighborhood possible, make your contribution at goteo.cc/lastandard.

La Invisible take care 🏡

💁🏼‍♀️ La Invisible is a Social and Cultural Center for Citizen Management located in a late 19th century building in the historic center of the city of Malaga. The existence of La Invisible is, in itself, an opposition to the disastrous heritage conservation policy by the City Council, which has led to the demolition of 308 historic buildings since 1995.

🛠 That was the destination of the property that houses La Invisible (only the preservation of its façade was planned), which we were able to avoid when entering it in 2007. The objective of this crowdfunding is to raise the funds to start the rehabilitation of the building and guarantee the accessibility of all.

✊ While the cession of space is required, neighborhood collaboration makes it possible to continue caring for, inhabiting and rehabilitating La Invisible. Because in times of crisis like the current one, spaces like this are vital and because it is in our hands to prevent it, you can support this fight in goteo.cc/lainvisiblesecuida.

District 7 🗞

🌍 L'Hospitalet are many cities in one. And many layers of history and migrations. It is the city that multiplied its population by ten with the Murcians, the city where in 1936 the anarchists collectivized all the fields, from Llobregat to Collblanc. It is the city where, again, between the 40s and 70s of the last century, the population multiplied by three, going from 50,000 people to 240,000.

🌈 District 7 is the commitment to create an independent means of communication that reflects the reality of the neighborhoods of a city that has grown worker, open and combative, with neighborhood associations that have occupied lots to claim parks or prevent more blocks from being built . With 25,000 registered people from 150 countries who have arrived in recent decades, it is today the city that welcomes many people expelled from Barcelona due to the price of housing. And the city of thousands of people who enter and leave it every day.

💪 If you want to support this communication of a diverse and thick city. Alive and contradictory. Crushed but reinventing itself every day, enter and collaborate in goteo.cc/districte 7.

Habemus 6 #BlueCrowdMED's projects! 💙

🌊Congratulations to Mar ("Sea" in spanish! What more suitable name, right? 😍), Naiara, Jose, María, Marc B and Marc M!

🎉 Each of their projects is already part of the 6 initiatives selected in this call #BlueCrowdMed with the Chamber of Seville and BlueCFInterreg as promoters of this Blue Economy program for the protection of our seas and rivers.

💙 We do not want to reveal too much yet, but we have decided to give you some clues about the objectives of the campaigns that will begin this next May 24. You can read them in this article 😉.


🖥 They inform us that the very cool TEAM4TEAM project is looking for young people in Spain who want to learn about citizen journalism and digital participatory processes.

😊 It is a comprehensive exchange program (in English) between European and Turkish civil societies funded by Mercator Foundation and implemented by ALDA and MEDAR, with the aim of empowering youth by deepening the practice of citizen journalism, exploring new ways to participate in public life and develop a renewed sense of civic engagement.

😜 For this, it offers 3 participatory and exchange activities, the first of which begins this May, while Platoniq will participate in its Spring School in Barcelona (February / March 2022), so we invite you to learn more here and apply to participate here. You have until April 30 to take advantage of this great opportunity!

Crowdcoop Workshops ❤️

🙌 We finished with the last of the formations Crowdcoop that we carry out this April in Girona, Camp de Tarragona and Terres de l'Ebre.

😊 The workshops were free and online, for members of cooperatives who wanted to learn how to promote a crowdfunding campaign to finance an idea or project. The reception has been very good, so have no doubt that we will continue to offer more crowdfunding workshops. Pay attention to the networks!

See you in 15 days! 😜

Up to here we arrive. We hope that this newsletter has encouraged you to continue walking towards the society of all and for all that we are approaching, little by little. Until next time!