🌱 Yesterday, March 30, was the International Household Employee Day, one of the sectors most affected by the social and health crisis of Covid-19 along with the rest of the care activities. The date recalls the claim of an elementary labor activity for the functioning of the economic system, but invisible and with many rights to conquer and on this occasion from Goteo we have wanted to emphasize active projects that strengthen the sense and community tools.

📬 In this newsletter we want to highlight the importance of community solutions to the situations that this capitalist and individualist system tries to commodify. You will be able to support each of the following projects that propose a cooperative assistance space for people who have lost their autonomy, a sustained agricultural recovery initiative that gives employment opportunities to groups at risk of exclusion and an organization that trains in artisan food production the support of the Guild of Flequers (Bakers) of Barcelona. Thank you all very much for being there. 😉

Unitum 🏘

🏡 Unitum is a social cooperative whose mission is to provide support to all people who suffer and / or are in a situation of vulnerability, that is why their first project is a day center, which they have called "Com a casa Teva" (" Like at home ").

👵🏻 The center offers comprehensive care during the day, to people in a situation of dependency, with the aim of improving or maintaining the best possible level of personal autonomy and supporting families or caregivers. In particular, it covers, from a biopsychosocial approach, the needs for counseling, prevention, rehabilitation, guidance for the promotion of autonomy, care and personal care. But we also offer professional caregivers all the necessary support and training, complementing their experience with our cooperative.

With this campaign it will be possible to open the first day center in Lliçà d’Amunt, a space that does not exist today, for the care of the elderly and dependent people and / or people with special needs. The first space in Lliçà d’Amunt, in which outside of their home, they will feel as a family, with personalized attention and care, so that their day-to-day life is like being at home. You can make it come true in goteo.cc/unitum.

L'Olivera 🌱

💛 The Can Calopa de Dalt farmhouse is one of the more than 150 farmhouses that are scattered throughout the Collserola mountain range, in Barcelona, ​​a living testimony of the city's agricultural past, which with industrialization meant the definitive decline of the vineyard and the loss of cultivated fields that survived in the sierra. At present, only 2% of Collserola is destined for agricultural use when in 1950 it was 21.5% and the vine accounts for only 0.05% of this.

⛰ The objective of L'Olivera Cooperativa is to recover the vine in Collserola with an initiative of social and sustainable agriculture in the long term without forgetting the productive approach. Currently, this project generates job opportunities for almost twenty young people with difficulties and at risk of social exclusion, who live and work on the farm. And it is from here that the only wine that is produced in the city today is born: the Vinyes de Barcelona.

🍇 With this campaign they want to boost the productivity of the farm to generate even more employment in the Social and Solidarity Economy, in addition to contributing to the agroecological transformation of Collserola, becoming a space for the dissemination of agroecology in Barcelona. You can support them in goteo.cc/lolivera.

Dream Workshop 🍞

😌 Dream Workshop wants to be the first workshop that trains and employs people at risk of social exclusion. Offering exceptional people the possibility of obtaining an active role in society: having a job empowers and gives self-esteem to any person.

🍰 In this workshop, diverse people at risk of social exclusion, with disabilities or over 60 years of age will participate in a training course at the Guild of Flequers in Barcelona taught by Juli and Toni Noguera with more than 40 years of experience in the sector.

👉 If you want to share this dream of being able to train the maximum number of people in the bakery and pastry trade, thus fighting against unemployment of people at risk of social exclusion, enter and collaborate in Dream Workshop

Arrelat, Jornaleras and #TransDayOfVisibility! 🎶

🌱 In the previous newsletter we asked for a final push for the call “Matchfunding Arrela't Do you know what? Many of them even reached the optimum. It was during the Triplication day, where each contribution from citizens was multiplied by 3 thanks to the contribution of the convening entity. Thus, € 24,000 of that public purse has already been distributed among the 6 projects Thank you very much for your support. We continue to promote here.

🔥 Those who not only reached the minimum but who have already collected more than 500% are Jornaleras de Huelva, with the contributions of more than 402 people. Thanks to this, they will not only have one person working part-time and translation. Now they aspire to accompany the more than 100,000 companions who work in Huelva in 44 settlements where migrant laborers live without electricity or water. It seems like an endless task but with your help now they dare to go further, you can continue contributing so that they reach the optimum in goteo.cc/jornaleras. Thank you for your support to continue fighting for the rights of all!

🧡 On this March 31, we vindicate the International Day of Transgender Visibility in order to create awareness and sensitize the world population to end discrimination against this group. Even today there are nations that punish these people even with their own lives, where they are kidnapped, imprisoned, executed and murdered. For children and young people with a sexual identity different from that assigned at birth, the path is much more difficult, through teasing and other humiliations at school, the lack of acceptance from their relatives and the rejection of their social environment. At Goteo-Platoniq we share the objective of making visible and achieving the full exercise of rights for all people. We invite you to know past projects that have collaborated in this, collaborate in some assets such as [Transbiome](https://www.goteo.org/ project / transbiome) and we renew our offer to accompany any initiative with those same purposes. #LoveWins

Crowdcoop formations! ❤️

We are opening new formations to promote campaigns Crowdcoop next April 13, 22 and 27 in Girona, Camp de Tarragona and Terres de l'Ebre, respectively!

If this is the first time you read the word "Crowdcoop", we just want to tell you that the channel we have, specialized in social and solidarity economy projects. If you have an idea that you want to make a reality or a project already started that could use a good push, don't miss the opportunity and sign up for these trainings: you will learn how a crowdfunding or crowdfunding campaign works and, when you decide to carry it out, We will accompany you from the Goteo team so that everything is ready and is a success.

The trainings are free and online, so take the opportunity to learn something new and keep moving forward. We will wait for you!

See you in 15 days! 😜

Up to here we arrive. We hope that this newsletter has encouraged you to continue walking towards the society of all and for all that we are approaching, little by little. Until next time!