🌱 Climate change is happening, we humans are causing it and it is thus a matter of utmost urgency. For this next March 19, the Global Climate Strike is called, whose objective is to demand immediate, concrete and ambitious action on the part of world leaders in response to the current climate crisis. From Goteo we join this call, as we see the direct connection with this system where job insecurity and the destruction of ecosystems are expanding.

📬 In this newsletter we will talk about three initiatives that defend our planet, analyzing the role of mass tourism on our maritime coasts; creating local collective awareness in conscious and participatory consumption; and transforming points of sale into educational centers of food sovereignty.

On Sale 🏠

🌊 Along the entire coastline of the province of Malaga we find various urban, environmental and socioeconomic conflicts whose common denominator is that they revolve around large tourism-real estate development projects.

😓 The construction of a golf course next to the Maro-Cerro Gordo Cliffs Natural Park, the controversial activity of the cement-incinerator factory on La Araña beach, the project for the skyscraper in the port of Malaga, the construction of four towers in one of the densest districts in Europe, the expansion of the port of Marbella, are just some of the most relevant examples ...

😉 "For sale" is the audiovisual cartography of this coastline, an approach to the territory through the gaze of its own inhabitants. Stories of resistance, struggle and hope to achieve another city model, another land management policy, another way of inhabiting the world that you can help create in On Sale.

L'Artiga 🌱

🛒 L’Artiga will be the first cooperative supermarket in La Garrotxa, located in the old neighborhood of Olot, and managed by a non-profit cooperative of consumers and users, made up of almost 150 members, with the purpose of becoming a cooperative meeting space that promotes social transformation through agroecological food.

👧 With social justice, transparency and respect for the environment and the community, they want to facilitate access to healthy, ecological and local products at a fair price, helping to make agroecological projects of production and development of the territory grow.

🛠 Join this active and deeply rooted social transformation tool that moves with the values of the solidarity economy in L'Artiga.

Ecocentro Bioleta 💜

😌 Ecocentro Bioleta wants to be a space where you can learn to consume in a sustainable way for nature, ethics for society and healthy for yourself, a place where you can share doubts, frustrations and difficulties, but also projects, dreams and illusions. A network to take care of the earth and its relationships. A place to teach and especially to learn. A space and a time to share.

🐣 In order not to be a simple store and to create this meeting space where the store will be the economic base for the self-management of an environmental, health and consumer education center, it is necessary to start the project with strength and professionally with financial support

😊 If you also see the need for spaces like this to exist each time, help this to be born in Ecocentro Bioleta.

Arrelat, Bluecrowd and #FonsCooperatiu for Global Action Day! 🎶

❤️ By land, sea and air solidarity is mobilized thanks to your energy, promoting and supporting. This is how we end this newsletter, celebrating past and successful calls alongside those that are still active. Join them and we guarantee that both the effort to launch projects and the confidence in making contributions will return in the form of transformative changes for this society.

🌱 The call Matchfunding Arrela’t started at the beginning of the month and 5 out of 6 projects have already reached the minimum. Thanks a lot for your support! Now we only have Ecocentro Bioleta to get 100%. Find out here, where you can continue supporting the rest to achieve the optimal goal.

🌊 BlueCrowdfunding continues from strength to strength! If you are in an entity that works in the blue economy, present your initiative to us and let's launch a crowdfunding together. You will make your project known to a much larger audience, we will get financial resources to get ahead and you will become part of Goteo as a promoter. Go ahead and enter BlueCrowdfunding.

💨 In the hardest moments of this pandemic that invaded the air we breathe this past year, the Social and Solidarity Economy (#ESS) demonstrated once again with the #FonsCooperatiuESS how to deal with emergencies with mutual support and promoting with € 65,522 more than 50 transformative initiatives rooted in the territory. Enter sometime to discover each and every one of these brave projects in #FonsCooperatiu

See you in 15 days! 😜

Up to here we arrive. We hope that this newsletter has encouraged you to continue walking towards the society of all and for all that we are approaching, little by little. Until next time!