💜On March 6, 2020, just days before the World Health Organization (WHO) declared that the coronavirus was a pandemic, three British researchers - Clare Wenham, Julia Smith and Rosemary Morgan - published in the scientific journal The Lancet a Study titled COVID-19: The Impacts of the Outbreak on Gender.

🖤 Its worst predictions have come true to date: the pandemic has exacerbated gender inequality and the feminization of poverty, especially targeting essential workers, as indicated by the National Epidemiological Surveillance Network (RENAVE), where it states that Health personnel infected with COVID-19, 76.2% are women, compared to 23.8% of men.

Thus, any claim from 8M passed to 2021 not only is still in force, but is reinforced with even more data, so we must move forward. For which they were. For what they are. For which they will be. We are feminists 👩🔬👩‍💼👩‍🌾👩🔧👩🏭👷💻👩🏫👩🚀We are unstoppable.

📬 In this newsletter, through three initiatives that we consider complementary, we invite you to continue working together from feminism, environmentalism and anti-racism, especially in the defense of doubly discriminated partners, to strengthen the health of trans women through of the study of neovagina surgeries and to continue promoting a new education in early childhood where we all fit.

Huelva day laborers 🏭

🍓 Faced with the total abandonment suffered by day laborers by the agents who should ensure their rights, given the unsustainable situation they face in the pits, and the harsh living conditions to which their sector subjects them, the comrades are They have organized to create Jornaleras de Huelva en Lucha. They work together from feminism, environmentalism and anti-racism, determined to end decades of precariousness and oppression.

🛠 An essential part of their work is union mediation, advice and legal support. So in order to collect complaints, go to court to report rights (labor, social and access to health), report abuses to the Labor Inspectorate and the courts ... it is necessary to have at least one released colleague and also with translation.

👉 If you also see the need for this fight to continue in the best conditions, enter and collaborate with Jornaleras de Huelva en Lucha.

Transbiome 🏥

🏥 The health of transgender people is often neglected in medicine and research. This project aims to change that.

💁 Many trans women have a new organ: the neovagina. Neovagina surgeries have been performed for over 60 years, and the neovagina is fundamentally different from the vagina of cis women. It is an organ with real and important health needs! You can become infected or suffer from an unhealthy microbial environment.

🦾 Transbiome aims to conduct a pilot study to help map the microbial diversity found in the neovaginas of trans women.

🤍 We encourage you to know more and participate in Transbiome.

Espiral Educativa 🏫

👧 This educational cooperative arises from the experience of around 2 decades of the people who are part of it, learning from different schools and experimenting and implementing different educational methodologies and techniques.

✊ The educators of La Espiral Educativa do not make the leap to cooperativism by chance, but rather they do it consciously with the conviction that it is one of the most important paths that civil society must undertake to reverse the values of individualism, competitiveness and lack of solidarity that emanate from the current economic system and that are causing so much inequality and suffering.

🌬 Due to the new health needs of the pandemic, it is essential to reform their facilities to improve the ventilation of the classrooms.

😉 Discover everything they have done and want to continue doing with your help inEspiral Educativa.

Past, present and future events! 🏫

▶️ Did you think that after the fantastic Crowdcoop Relaunch Event we would no longer talk to you about it? Well almost, almost! If you saw it, thank you very much for following us 😊. If you missed it, in this article you will be able to enjoy the full recording of the event. Spoiler: it came out very well and there were very interesting talks.

⏩ What has just started this week? Well, the call “Matchfunding Arrela’t”! We already have 6 initiatives from the High Pyrenees and Aran that began their adventure this Tuesday, March 2 and will have a doubling of the contributions received up to € 4,000 per project. Discover them [here] (https: //) to soak up their vitality and love for the land.

⏭ And we end with a view to the future, because our colleague Chiara will speak this Thursday, March 4 at the LIFE Platform Meeting to talk about the promotion of civic financing in nature conservation projects. It is organized by Natura 2000, the largest global network of protected areas in the world, whose objective is the functional and coherent management of biodiversity. It will be two days of very powerful contributions and we recommend you take a look. We talk at 11:45 and you can hear us here.

See you in 15 days! 😜

Up to here we arrive. We hope that this newsletter has encouraged you to continue walking towards the society of all and for all that we are approaching, little by little. Until next time!