🌳 Isn't it true that "health, money and love" is usually the triad that comes to mind when we imagine a happy life? It is so true that life is much more complex and rich as with those well-nourished roots we are able to carry out incredible initiatives. For this reason, at Fundación Goteo, we put all our energy into encouraging you to share those projects that love and sustain life so that they have the access they deserve to the resources (whether financial, dissemination or collaboration) necessary to grow strong, with irrigation of the community. We will never tire of thanking you.

📬 In this newsletter we want to tell you about three projects that "give us life" from different levels. We are talking about a documentary project that wants to give a voice to the people who were, and unfortunately continue, in the front line of the health emergency due to Covid-19; an interpretation group that wants to make this way of dreaming together, which is music as collective therapy, reach the whole world; and finally, a group that has been making visible and defending the rights of people from the LGTBI community against aggression and discrimination for more than a decade. Once again, from the team, we hope that it inspires you as much as we do. Every contribution counts and every gesture brings us closer.

Forgotten Heroes 😷

🏥 This independent production documentary wants to combine documents, testimonies and reflections of health workers on what was lived and suffered during the Covid-19 Health Crisis in Spain. With your help, they will be able to do so seeking an approach of maximum neutrality and truthfulness, without silencing criticism, without partisan leanings, investigating errors from a constructive intention, providing the solutions proposed by the true experts, those who have not been heard, the who continue to live and suffer day by day.

🩺 The main objectives of this documentary are: To raise awareness about the seriousness of a crisis that does not end and demand that the errors and unresolved deficiencies be corrected so that it ends as soon as possible and with the least possible damage.

❤️ If you want to participate and help their voices be heard urgently, do so in Forgotten Heroes.

Breaking Bass Ensemble 🎻

👨 Breaking Bass Ensemble is a group specialized in the historicist interpretation of the baroque and classical repertoire that, since its creation, seeks to build music from a different point of view than what is established in most groups that exist today and bringing this style closer together. to all the world

🎼 Their way of interpreting the music built from the rhythm and harmony of the basso continuo, is the main characteristic of the group whose mission is thus to recover the musical heritage for cello

👂🏼 If you also want to promote this first recording, which also consists of a research project, collaborate in Breaking Bass Ensemble.

Observatory against Homophobia 🙋

🤍 Observatory against Homophobiaa was born in 2008, with the aim of making visible and denouncing homophobia, lesbophobia, biphobia, transphobia and interphobia (LGTBI-phobia) in Catalonia. It monitors and watches over the rights of the LGTBI community, as well as responds to the needs of the attacked / discriminated against, offering legal and legal advice, facilitation of private accusations and psychosocial support. It also acts as an observer entity for the fulfillment of the rights of LGBTI people and their guarantee.

👥 This crowdfunding campaign seeks to find sources to continue offering the private prosecution, a key figure in the defense and guarantee of rights of victims and / or people affected by violence and discrimination on the grounds of their sexual orientation, identity and / or expression of gender (LGTBIphobic).

💪 If you also want to stop the feeling of impunity among citizens in relation to LGTBI-phobia situations and improve the accompaniment in the complaint and criminal procedure for LGTBI-phobia situations, support today Observatory against Homophobiaa!

Economists Without Borders

For this next February 10 we have good news. The colleagues from Economists Without Borders have invited us to participate in the Communities of Social Entrepreneurship [CEPS] to tell everything about: "Crowdfunding: much more than alternative financing"

Although we believe that everyone already knows this way of financing, the truth is that there is still much to spread, so this talk is for all those who do not know it yet.

Have you ever used it as a means of financing for your project? Well, sign up for this new session of Communities of Social Entrepreneurship [CEPS], where from Fundación Goteo we will tell you about its characteristics, the key elements for it to work and everything that a collective financing campaign can bring you. Everything so that you lose your fear and give your project a boost.

When? February 10 from 9.30 to 11.30 via Zoom, sign up here.

#MatchArrelat 🤟

In the Pyrenees they already know that another way of financing projects is possible. After launching the call "Matchfunding Arrela't" a few months ago in the High Pyrenees and Aran, we already have the 6 initiatives selected. All of them will launch their crowdfunding campaign next March 2 and will have a doubling of the contributions received up to € 4,000 per project.

As a reminder: In this call for mixed collective financing, which we call Matchfunding, the administrations complement the contributions made by the public through crowdfunding, contributing one euro for each euro collected, thus multiplying the funds collected. In this 1st edition we thus have a public fund of € 24,000 to activate a maximum of 6 projects with social return in the territory and which have been chosen by an independent jury, based on the bases.

Congratulations to all the participating projects, we will soon tell you what they are about and all the support to continue generating opportunities like this for donors, promoters and institutions.

See you in 15 days! 😜

Up to here we arrive. We hope that this newsletter has encouraged you to continue walking towards the society of all and for all that we are approaching, little by little. Until next time!