👋 Tourist postcards, prison riots and collective work are cultural expressions that are more connected than they appear. In the social struggle for individual and collective freedoms, every expression counts and is endowed with a direction, whether we are aware of it or not. From Fundación Goteo, we invite you once again to broaden your view and recognize in the following initiatives the creativity necessary to continue moving forward.

📬 In this newsletter we present three projects that offer a space for artistic reflection on the reality of Mallorca and how to transform it through photography and other arts; a short film of historical memory that recovers the struggle for the rights of prisoners that originated with the creation of La Coordinadora de Presos Españoles en Lucha; and the cooperative alliance of more than 20 artisan women to build a workshop where to start a process of empowerment and cultural offerings for citizens.

Casa Planas 🏡

📷 Casa Planas is a Center for Contemporary Research and Culture that recovers the old photographic factory of the same name and offers Mallorca more than 2000m2 of artist studios, live music programming and independent cinema. As a center of creation, it is an engine of innovation and regeneration for the city, transforming the local and neighborhood context in a way that produces a balanced economic, environmental and social change.

😓 The latest security regulations have made it necessary to put a brake on activities and it is not being possible for them to maintain the project with its usual entries. So they need a boost to weather this storm and preserve this unique project.

✅ If you want to support this space of art and culture, you can collaborate in Casa Planas.

Few, good and safe 📽

✊🏽 "Few, good and safe" is a short film project and an exercise in recovering the historical memory of a struggle that, through mutual support, managed to get its voice outside the walls. A large part of public opinion sympathized with their demands, although for a time not so long as to achieve the bulk of the structural reform that the prisoners demanded. This project is also an invitation to reflect on the reality of the prison system.

😊 They have been working on development for two years, they have everything ready to execute the filming at the beginning of June 2021 and as of today they already have the commitment of the entire technical and artistic team. They only need to obtain the financing they need for the filming.

🎬 This is an independent project that does not have any type of public subsidy or private investment, so the financing will be obtained thanks to your contribution along with many others. Join in Few, good and safe.

AvantvaCoop 🙋

💜 Avantva is a shared cosmetic and cultural workshop project, under the umbrella of a non-profit service cooperative. The cooperative is an assembly company, it reinvests its profits in itself, its positions are not remunerated and its values ​​are those of the social and solidarity economy: people at the center.

👥 Currently, there are few shared workshop initiatives where cosmetic products are made, due to the high demands of the health authorities and also due to the high costs derived. With Avantva, they hope to be able to accompany 20 artisan women with their own project.

💪 The proposal is to build a shared artisan workshop with a local point of sale and a cultural and social space, energizing and transforming. If you too want to participate in this empowerment initiative, support them at AvantvaCoop!

#IUMAx3 🤟

Do you remember that we told you about the I-UMA Channel? Channel of the University of Malaga that you find on our platform to co-finance Innovative Ideas and share Research projects that contribute to social progress.

Of the three projects launched, #AppMohedo has already achieved its minimum goal to develop and improve a free therapeutic tool that helps treat chronic pelvic pain. For this next week we ask you for your maximum collaboration to publicize and achieve the same objective for Education for your rural environment with whom we will adapt the pedagogical resources of rural schools to the identity and culture of the environment ; and Como tú, an initiative launched by more than 70 STEAM scientists and technologists who make themselves available to schools and institutes to give practical workshops and / or talks about their fields of work . They are very close to achieving it, support them on I-UMA Channel!

Crowdcoop goes with you!

Do you have a cooperative project in Catalonia and do you need financing? Create your campaign in Crowdcoop and you will have personalized tutorials in crowdfunding, project ideation, marketing and tax and labor advice. It's a great opportunity, take advantage of it!

To date, there are already 19 co-financed projects, with a total collection of €244,242 contributed by more than 3,000 donors. In fact, we are going to celebrate it shortly and it will be a great opportunity to meet the driving people. We look forward to your support and, what would be even better, your participation in promoting the next successful and transformative project.

These tutorials will be carried out by Facto Cooperativa, Heres Social and the same Goteo team, within the Singulars project promoted by the General Directorate of Social Economy, the Third Sector and Cooperatives of the Generalitat de Catalunya, promoted by the Department of Work, Social Affairs and Family of Catalonia and with funding from the Ministry of Social Affairs of Spain.

See you in 15 days! 😜

Up to here we arrive. We hope that this newsletter has encouraged you to continue walking towards the society of all and for all that we are approaching, little by little. Until next time!