In Goteo we prepare the next tide!

👋 We start 2021 with all the encouragement that your support gives us and so convinced of our mission that this year the trickle will turn into a tide! We can't tell you much more at the moment, but it has a lot to do with our origin. Some of you already know that Fundación Goteo is the daughter of Platoniq and, if we expressed it as in mythology, we would say that we are daughters of the goddess of co-creation from culture with social impact. So, we have decided that this year we are going to go much further and be a lever for things to happen. Transform problems into solutions, working collectively and openly. We will keep you informed!

📬 In this newsletter we present three projects that go for it all, proposing to protect and recover the democratic struggle on various fronts. From the care for the ecological footprint proposed by Eco Dos Teixos when recovering life in a small Galician town in Spain Vaciada, through the strengthening of the social footprint that La Malgirbada promotes by creating a popular athenaeum in Granollers and ending with the contribution to the democratic footprint with the documentary about the last battle front of the Civil War in Galicia. Discover each of these projects here.

Eco dos teixos 🏚

🏠 Eco dos Teixos is a project that is starting in Casaio, in a small town in the mountains to rehabilitate a building that was the town's school and turn it into a tourist hostel with complementary activities.

👴🏼 The town has about 150 people and it is shrinking to a worrying level, so its objective is to energize the life of the town and promote projects with the local community to make it an attractive place to rehab.

✅ If you also want to open a place of coexistence, where you can share experiences related to the rural world, nature, art and culture, you can collaborate in Eco dos teixos.

La Malgirbada 🙋

🏚 A Popular Athenaeum is born in Granollers: self-managed, a space for leisure and meetings, from which to articulate popular movements. Do you want to help?

🤲 In La Malgirbada they will work based on self-management -without hierarchies, between equals and in an assembly way, without depending on the institutions- to create a space that is a reference in the city for social struggles; that from the meeting, leisure and shared work seeds of struggle and resistance sprout.

⚒️ The money they ask for with this crowdfunding campaign must serve together with what they have already obtained by selling t-shirts, making popular meals, bars ... to pay the entrance of a rental place as well as to adapt it to the needs: bar, shelves, lamps, sound equipment, tables and chairs, a meeting room, a warehouse, etc. Also to launch a strong dissemination campaign, which partly includes some of the rewards that you will find here: t-shirts, glasses, badges and much more. If you also consider the athenaeums a vital space, collaborate with La Malgirbada.

Ciudad de la Selva 📽

⛰ La Ciudad de la Selva is the cinematographic chronicle of the last battle front of the Spanish Civil War in the mid-1940s. The story of this group of refugees (fuxidos), who try to survive in the hope that, at the end of World War II, the allied armies also intervened in Spanish territory.

👥 This is an audiovisual project, developed in a cooperative way, with which we seek to create a documentary that tells the last story of the Spanish Civil War. Various historians and journalists have documented the events that occurred in the Ciudad de la Selva without knowing that it was a conflict of this magnitude and historiographical importance.

📚 If you also want to strengthen Democratic Memory and be part of the team that makes this documentary possible, collaborate in Ciudad de la Selva!

See you in 15 days! 😜

Up to here we arrive. We hope that this newsletter has encouraged you to continue walking towards the society of all and for all that we are approaching, little by little. Until next time!