🏫 In this turbulent 2020 it becomes clear that we are in a world that has become smaller and the people who inhabit it have become almost a single community. Political and military alliances have created large groups, multinational industries and international trade is producing a global economy, and communications around the world are removing the old barriers of distance, language, and race. We are also getting closer in the wake of the serious problems we face along with the many beautiful life forms that are the basis of existence on this small planet that we share.

📬 In this newsletter we talk about three projects that want to coordinate different realities to create an empathetic and supportive society. A documentary on migration, the preservation of a neighborhood space where different struggles are coordinated and a citizen project for social inclusion in diversity.

Documentary Parallel 3550 🎥

🌐 The imaginary lines of the 35º50 parallel are not just coordinates: it is the imaginary border between Spain and Morocco in the Alboran Sea. An invisible goal where the European authorities have deployed their arsenal to prevent migrants from circumventing them, a border miles from life and closed to human rights defenders and closed to journalists.

🔉 In the summer of 2019, some unpublished audios were shared in which cases of bad practices, omission of help and the collaboration of Spain with Morocco to avoid rescue on our coasts were heard. Some audios that no European media has wanted you to listen to, that you know the truth of what is happening in the Mediterranean.

👉🏽 This crowdfunding is essential, so that this reality and that what is not seen ceases to be invisible. Collaborate in Documental Paralelo 3550

Let's save the Ateneu del Raval 💪🏽

😌 During these 5 years of operation, the Ateneu has organized numerous projects aimed at the Raval and Barcelona neighborhoods around historical memory, feminism, interculturality, human rights, sexual diversity and anti-racism.

😊 Each of these activities promotes the participation of different neighborhood entities that are linked to the aforementioned areas, generating and strengthening community networks. To carry out these activities, Ateneu has a 120 m2 multipurpose room that has an auditorium with capacity for 70 people and a 40 m2 community room located at street level.

🎼 This crowdfunding is intended to cover the rental costs of the community cultural center since due to the pandemic it has not been able to generate the resources that previously allowed us to pay for it. Give them a break in Let's save the Ateneu del Raval

Reperkutim, drums that transform! 🥁

🥰 Reperkutim is a cultural and community project that uses Afro-Brazilian percussion as a tool for the management of diversity and the personal and social transformation of people at risk of vulnerability and residents of the different neighborhoods of Barcelona.

🚀 They promote spaces for relationship, coexistence, cohesion and community roots through inclusive batucada workshops in different districts and facilities of the city that connect between them through community actions and bowling that allow to empower, recognize, sensitize and make visible the diversity of realities and rhythms of our society.

😜 For all this they need drums. In Reperkutim they know that the drums are only the excuse to make and feel community, because in reality people are the center of their mission. With the drums they accompany them, share, learn and grow. Brings a drum in Reperkutim

We are already 100 in #WeTheInternet! 🌐

👤 From the Goteo and Platoniq Foundation, Creatividad y Democracia we invited you 15 days ago to participate in the largest global historical process on the future of the Internet. “[We, the Internet] (https://wetheinternet.org)” in coalition with organizations and institutions from 78 countries linked to the health of the Internet and digital rights.

💯 And the answer couldn't be better! We more than cover the 100 places reserved for Spain and those 100 people will aim to give a voice to the public about the future of the network and thereby develop first-hand recommendations for specialists and decision-makers at the local and global level.

📆 The Spanish edition will be held on October 16-17 and we will inform you very soon with all the results.

PiztuMeta2020 🚀

🖐 The 5th edition of the Piztu META crowdfunding campaign is going from strength to strength and this first week we can already celebrate the first project to reach the minimum objective.

🎥 It was [#PiztuKraskSoinua] (https://goteo.cc/krasksoinua) by Ander Iriarte and with him we analyze from the "Basque case", the evolution of torture and incidence in the West during the last half century.

✌ We hope that the remaining 14 projects will join you in that goal soon. Get to know them and contribute at meta.goteo.org!

See you in 15 days! 😜

Up to here we arrive. We hope that this newsletter has encouraged you to continue walking towards the society of all and for all that we are approaching, little by little. Until next time!