🏫 "If you think education is expensive, try ignorance" is perhaps one of the best defenses that can be made about teaching. In difficult times it is even more necessary to understand what we can do and act accordingly. Thus, at Fundación Goteo we started the course with a renewed desire to continue learning and advance, even if it is at the ant's foot, but on the shoulders of giants.

📬 In this newsletter we talk about three projects that want to broaden our awareness, either by making visible important personalities of antiquity silenced by their gender, or by expanding the possibilities of a musical instrument to make it more participatory, or by using the audiovisual to get closer to the psychology of an economic speculator through his biases. We also celebrate with you that we establish new alliances to go further and better, that the launch of the #PiztuMeta matchfunding is just around the corner and that we invite you to participate in a global historical process on the future of the Internet. As you can see, we started the course strong. Let's go there!

Warriors Volume 2 🙋‍♀️

📚 After a whole childhood and youth studying History, we left the educational system with a biased vision. There have been a lot of women doing things since ancient times and this project wants to publish a book that vindicates it to publicize references that women today dare to dream of.

🔉 In Guerreras, the objective is to make known both ancient women to show how they already participated actively in tasks of great historical impact as well as current people who work day by day with their creativity and know-how, on a small scale , generating a network of mutual support.

👉🏽 If you want to know more about the project and collaborate, do so in Warriors Volume 2

Electro-Prepared Piano 🎹

😲 Can you imagine transforming a prepared piano into a kind of synthesizer where analog and digital meet to multiply their sound and visual possibilities, inventing a sound for the future, in harmony with our memory?

😌 This musical project wants to share its experience by offering everything discovered to make the public participate in an innovation that goes beyond the musical, whose didactic, therapeutic and social potential is worth continuing to develop.

🎼 Transform the piano into the instrument of the future and make it sound in Electro-Prepared Piano

He ran alongside his comrade 💸

🎬 This project wants to create a short film about the story of an elderly businessman in search of popularity. Avoid taxes but practice philanthropy, understanding solidarity in a personal way. Thus, the protagonist will dedicate himself to generating problems for people in order to help them.

😵 With him, issues that have to do with today's society are also caricatured, such as competitiveness, short-termism, obsession with the image we project or the absurdity of philanthropy that coexists with fiscal engineering.

👉🏽 If you want to see it finished to reflect and share ideas from a fresh point of view become a co-financier in He ran alongside his comrade

WeTheInternet 🌐

👤 100 people are wanted for the largest citizen dialogue in history. From Fundación Goteo and Platoniq: Creativity & Democracy we want to invite you to be part of a global historical process about the future of the Internet. “We, the Internet” is a coalition of organizations and institutions from 78 countries linked to the health of the Internet and digital rights.

🗣 Each country will hold a Global Citizen Dialogue, the first of the digital age, where ordinary people chosen by lottery will address issues related to digital identity, data, artificial intelligence and the digital public sphere.

📆 The Spanish edition will be held on October 16-17 and you can register as an organization in the role of observer here, as well as citizenship to be part of the process participatory, making your request here.

Coopolis+Goteo 🌈💦

If unity is strength, from now on Coopolis (Ateneo Cooperativo de Barcelona) and Fundación Goteo take a step forward with renewed energy.

After years of mutual support from affinity, we initiated an inter-cooperation agreement to proactively promote joint collective financing initiatives that address emergency situations caused by the CoronaVirus socioeconomic crisis.

The agreement aims to accompany groups with special difficulties (migrants, youth, unemployed, women); who seek the joint acquisition of infrastructure, tools and material resources to develop economic activity.

Thus, both entities will facilitate crowdfunding training for technical staff and promoters, as well as publicize this alternative financing route for social economy initiatives in events related to cooperativism.

It is an immense joy to make us worthy of such trust, we are sure to learn a lot with her and we will do our best to move forward together.

PiztuMeta2020 🚀

🖐 The 5th edition of the Piztu META crowdfunding campaign will begin this coming October 8 and the 15 selected projects are with the latest details to clearly communicate the social return of their initiatives.

✊ There will be fifteen projects of a cultural and social nature promoted by the citizen initiative and that will be able to count on the financial support of the crowdfunding contributions of the associations or individuals who want to join, through our page.

✌ In 2019, 14 projects captured a total of 146,708 euros, of which 76,708 euros were contributed by citizens and 70,000 by the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa, with the participation of 1,325 people and an average contribution of € 57.73 and we are sure that this 2020 will be as successful, or even more than the past.

👉 Write it down on your agenda and join us at the launch on October 8!

See you in 15 days! 😜

Up to here we arrive. We hope that this newsletter has encouraged you to continue walking towards the society of all and for all that we are approaching, little by little. Until next time!