🌊 It is said that the slightest movement is of importance to all of nature and the entire ocean is affected by a stone. At Fundación Goteo we aspire to be one more force, small but well accompanied by you, with which to provoke tides of change. What do you want to change?

📬 In this newsletter we want to disseminate the investigation and clarification of the dark anti-immigration business, support photographic art in troubled times so that it continues to show us complex realities and continue investigating to expand our #Historical Memory with the aim of being more aware of our past in order to move forward with clarity, courage and justice. We will end with the celebration of a magnificent campaign that opens the range of citizen consultation and a small invitation to continue initiating projects, this time related to the wealth of the seas and oceans. Thank you very much for trusting Goteo and happy reading!

Spectram 🐙

🛥 The migration policy of Europe and Spain leaves a record toll of victims in the Mediterranean and condemns thousands of people to hiding. We know who loses, but who gains from the anti-immigration business? In PorCausa.org they have been investigating since 2016 which are the private companies that profit from that money.

💰 In Spain 10 companies receive 65% of the 660 million spent. Lobbies, revolving doors, an unapproachable institutional framework seasoned with a discourse of fear and hatred that are not accidental, make it difficult to change a system that dedicates 8 times more to detain and expel than to integrate. These are the results of his latest investigation of more than a year of work with 1,600 contracts analyzed.

👉🏽 If you want to know more about the project and collaborate, do so in #Spectram

RevistaNegra 🏝

📷 The NEGRA photography magazine, promoted by the Havana School of Creative Photography (EFCH), constitutes the most important catalog of Cuban photographers in consultation for lovers and scholars of this art. His production exposes the most important national events on the subject. It is digital and is translated into English so it is easy for those interested to share.

😷 The economic effects of COVID for enterprises that promote the artistic development of communities have been especially hard for Cubans. Without sources of funding, many have been forced to abandon their projects. The EFCH has also had to close its doors and take its lines of development to a minimum.

✊🏽 Save the culture of photographic memory on the island by contributing in #RevistaNegra

That fair dressed in mourning 🏴

🤔 What do the young people of Conil know about the Civil War? Was it a civil war or was it what the War of Spain has been called? Why research it today? Why make a documentary on historical memory? This project begins with more questions than answers, because this is what it is about, shedding light on the doubts that silence and death left after the war and the long night of the Dictatorship.

💥 Conil de la Frontera, a municipality belonging to the La Janda region in the province of Cádiz, with a population of around 7,000 inhabitants in the 1930s, was part of the rearguard controlled by coup leaders and rebels from the first days. The application of the war side as of July 21 had the first consequence in the town, the collapse of the current republican legality.

👉🏽 If, like us, you also believe that a Historical Memory is necessary to know, learn and educate, enter That fair dressed in mourning

EncuestaMonarquía 🎣

🗞 16 independent newspaper headlines came together last Tuesday, September 8, with the intention of commissioning the largest opinion study on the Spanish monarchy, a topic banned from the mainstream media. In the CIS they already go directly to asking: What do citizens think about this institution?

👑 These 16 media outlets raised a crowdfunding campaign with us to co-finance a fully solvent demographic institute to carry out the largest study to date and called it # EncuestaMonarquía. They needed € 32,000 and they got it in 24 hours. By Wednesday, September 9, 1965 people had already collaborated to carry out the largest survey on the monarchy in 42 years.

✊🏽 We could not be happier, because when we talk about #Crowdvocacy, we are talking precisely about this: the direct organization of citizens to co-finance and carry out projects that they consider necessary. This is how we intend to continue supporting each and every one of the citizen initiatives in which you trust us. Do you have the energy and trust in the community? Send us your project and together we will make it come true!

BlueCrowdfunding 🐳

🌊 Do you want to bring your SME, cooperative or entity related to the #BlueEconomy to the world of #crowdfunding? Co-financing projects related to the wealth of the seas is a still little known but very interesting possibility. You can consult the article Blue Crowdfunding in Fundación Goteo to get an idea and learn about successful projects.

👉🏽 If you already have it clear, sign up here to attend this Thursday, September 17, the free online workshop with the support of the Seville Chamber of Commerce , Interreg Med Project and Platoniq.

📆 This 2-hour crowdfunding and financing alternative workshop for SMEs will begin at 10am and will be taught by our co-founder Olivier Schulbaum, where he will tell what crowdfunding is and how it works, what types of crowdfunding and campaigns exist, as well as specific advantages for small and medium-sized companies.

See you in 15 days! 😜

Up to here we arrive. We hope that this newsletter has encouraged you to continue walking towards the society of all and for all that we are approaching, little by little. Until next time!