🌞 Someone once said that "as an individual, you can make great changes in society ... as a collective, you can start a revolution." If fifteen days ago we told you that we had been surprised by the publication of the 200th bulletin in the works, this time we can say that we were very clear about what we wanted to talk about in this issue. We are in the middle of summer, we have returned to the social health fragility of last spring and we believe that we will only get out of this with a clear idea in mind: cooperation.

📬 In this newsletter we want to share with you that feeling of powerlessness that we sometimes feel when we see that everyone "makes their way" and disconnects from the rest of the people around them. That reality exists, as well as that of people who join in collectives and do get down to work to build meeting places for the whole of society. Once again, here we will talk about three of them: a future space of 10 hectares where animals and humans will coexist in a self-sustaining way, an environmental NGO that has been working for the defense of clean air for more than ten years and a translation campaign to a book on municipal, cooperative and anti-racist experience. Every action counts, each of us has the power to change many lives and we hope that these initiatives inspire you.

Animal City Brego 🐑

🌱 From Asociación Brego Ciudad Animal, we are proposed to create a space in the province of Cáceres, in Villanueva de la Vera, where animals and humans come together, making a self-sustaining animal city. They already host more than 100 animals and it will be an animal city that will have an equine therapy center, a treatment based on human contact with the horse, in a union that effectively helps to alleviate different physical, psychological or neurological in people, being nothing invasive with the animal, so the benefit is mutual.

👩🏻‍🌾 It will also be a school farm focused on bringing discovery and respect for animals closer to childhood, as well as an organic garden where part of the harvest will be donated to charitable dining rooms in the city of Seville or surrounding towns.

👉🏽 Different jobs will be created in each of the activities and there will be many more activities related to nature and non-invasive interaction with wild animals than in the surroundings. If you want to participate and know more, enter Animal City Brego

Cooperation Jackson 🤝

📖 The book "Jackson in Revolt", translated from the original Jackson Rising, is a compilation of articles documenting the goals, principles, and strategies of the Jackson-Kush Plan, but also its contradictions and difficulties in carrying it out. Its strategy draws on the lessons of the slave resistance, and reflects the political heritage of the civil rights movement, as well as the legacy of self-management experiences developed to face the ravages of the brutal passage of Hurricane Katrina. It is a material of great value to all people who believe in social transformation.

✊🏽 This inter-cooperation project, carried out through a crowdfunding campaign on our #Crowdcoop channel, intensifies relations between three cooperatives in the Sants neighborhood of Barcelona. All three strongly linked to the local and cultural fabric of the city. Convinced that the translation into Spanish of this compendium of articles will be an inspiring boost for many projects that exist both in Catalonia and in Spain and in many other Spanish-speaking countries, they trust that a committed municipalism with people is possible.

🏛 If you also believe that cooperation is capable of overcoming the capitalist economy to put the sustainability of people's lives and the planet at the center, join us in Cooperation Jackson

Forestalia 🦉

🏭 The Forestalia plant in Cubillos del Sil is a biomass plant project, whose environmental authorization is contested by environmental, neighborhood and private associations before the Contentious-Administrative Courts and has a permit for water supply that could compromise the ecosystem and the biodiversity of the Bárcena Reservoir as well as access to drinking water from which more than one hundred thousand Bercianos are supplied.

🌳 This campaign wants to structure public awareness and provide the environmental movement represented by Bierzo Aire Limpio with tools and means for legal and legal defense against alleged ecological crimes.

👉 If you believe that awareness of climate action, against corruption and abuses by the incineration industry, is vital, participate in Forestalia

Crowdcoop keep moving ⛵️

Crowdcoop program keep going! We are so happy that we have published a post: 5 months of Crowdcoop: Crowdfunding for the Social and Solidarity Economy in Foundation's blog and we invite you to read it. And not only are several Social Solidarity Economy groups that have contacted us through info@goteo.org so that we can give them our online communication training and launch crowdfunding campaigns, but also some associations have been interested in the comprehensive support in the creation, consolidation and financing of cooperatives, together with our colleagues in Heres Social and Facto Cooperativa.

We recall that this program stems from the Singulars call, promoted by Social Economy, promoted by the Departament de Treball, Afers Socials i Famílies and financed by the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy. Its objective is to reinforce the role of cooperatives in our economy and promote democratic governance in the workplace, as well as show the strength of a business activity that changes the capitalist focus for one focused on the quality of life of workers and society .

See you in 15 days! 😜

Up to here we arrive. We hope that this newsletter has encouraged you to continue walking towards the society of all and for all that we are approaching, little by little. Until next time!