✊ We are very, very happy and we want to share the news with you! Your preferred crowdfunding platform, born in 2011 and specialized in projects with social impact, has reached los 10M€ recaudados.

🎉 Every day we celebrate the fortune of having your support and reaching that beautiful and round figure has given us a special joy. Being part of the Goteo community with more than 1,200 funded projects and many more thousands of people benefited through them is wonderful.

📬 In this newsletter we have selected three initiatives that promote resistance boxes. They are intended to raise funds to help struggling activists, artists, riders and hospitality. Mutual support and solidarity as tools for collective construction.

Hospitality and Riders Resistance Box 🛠

🧰 The dismissals are the order of the day and to this, the situation of labor vulnerability of distributors and hospitality is added by not recognizing them as workers and employees, a distress that is even more acute when those who work are in a situation of "without papers "

🚴 For all this, from the Hospitality Union of Madrid and Riders For Rights, they have initiated legal actions against employers who are violating the right of hospitality workers and home delivery service workers.

👉 Support their fight in Hospitality and Riders Resistance Bo

Sounding Board 🔊

🎷 Are you a fan of music platforms like Spotify? Do you know how much each artist charges for listening to the song? Caixa de Ressonància is the initiative to create an ethical platform for the exchange of songs, concerts, classes, workshops, podcasts ... where to host all kinds of music.

🎧 This alternative proposes a streaming alternative: non-profit, with free code, and betting on a direct and horizontal relationship between artists and fans.

👉 To discover how they plan to do it and join, go to Sounding Board

The International Tavern Book 👯

📚 The International is a common space open to various social proposals in Toledo, a container of ideas that arise and spread throughout the city and beyond. Here, social and cultural projects have been born and have been presented, ranging from support for food sovereignty, or the rights of the LGTBI community, to the development of a radio project with people diagnosed with mental disorders.

🍻 They ask for your support to continue taking this constant provision of place and voice to feminist movements in the region, platforms for peace and against war, environmental movements, or for aid and recognition of refugees and immigrants, etc. Also developing children's social projects, where scholarships are taught for children who are at risk of exclusion.

👉 Think global and act local in Libro Taberna El Internacional.

FlattenTheCurve México

As you already know, the FrenaLaCurva initiative is a success. Today we tell you that it is happening throughout the Ibero-American world and from FrenaLaCurvaMX we have been invited to share experiences and become part of the mentoring team for the #LabsDistribuidos project.

The Distributed Citizen Laboratories promote experimentation, collaboration and citizen innovation to face the emergency situation caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19).

In streaming, of course, we will have direct dialogue with the groups that require it and we hope that our action inspires proposals, seeks new perspectives and connects with other experiences and, of course, all those who want to can launch a campaign in Goteo.

10 Million Anecdotes

You can imagine that in all this time a lot of funny anecdotes have happened. Many are a posteriori, of course! One of them is the one that occurred when we launched the # 15MpaRato campaign to finance the lawsuit against the then-former Bankia president.

As you know, what we are passionate about is that the campaigns have an overwhelming success and that the more people can contribute the better. We also always recommend that you prepare for launch, as the first hours are essential to show muscle.

Well, the driving team paid so much attention to us that, after 2 hours of opening the campaign, the website received so many visits that, literally, the servers were fused. The page hung. And until the next day he spent more time offline than online.

Had we held on, we would have gotten the money in an hour!

No more moving hours are remembered (some people remember it as "the infernal night") in the entire history of Goteo, of course, because that was in 2012 and we had just started.

We managed to "stabilize the boat" with all the help we could find and we were finally able to rest. It all ended very well, by the way, because as you already know it was a success and not only was the money obtained, but the social repercussion caused that in just two weeks several workers of the intervened banking entity passed key information as well as a few dozen shareholders sign up for the complaint.

We encourage you to read the full article at our blog to (re)discover these and many other great projects.

See you in 15 days! 😜

Up to here we arrive. We hope that this newsletter has encouraged you to continue walking towards the society of all and for all that we are approaching, little by little. Until next time!