✊ Goteo Foundation celebrates that finally, together, we are holding back the curve and organizing our actions collectively to alleviate the social, health and economic consequences of this pandemic.

📬 In this newsletter we confirm the good progress of the different initiatives that have emerged and we talk about three much-needed campaigns to maintain not only the spirit but the hope in our strength as a society. Finally, we close with the advance of an article about the contribution of the #MadeInGoteo campaigns, their relationship with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals promoted by the United Nations and the importance of our 3 Positive Footprints (DemocraticFootprint, EcologicFootprint and SocialFootprint) to determine the impact social of a project.

FonsCooperatiuESS and FestivalFrenaLaCurva

As we advanced in the previous newsletter, in this we can confirm the success of both initiatives. Through the #FonsCooperatiuESS, more than € 30,000 has already been raised to support 26 initiatives in the social and solidarity economy. For its part, from Frena La Curva, 10 initiatives have already been presented and selected to rethink this new situation that will remain after the pandemic and what we can do to contribute to society as a group.

In Festival Frena La Curva we will be able to listen to and follow the discussions of very interesting speakers, among which we will find Olivier Schulbaum, co-founder, together with Susana noguero, of this collaborative and ethical funding platform that is Goteo.org. Together with him, who will share his experience in designing and developing agile methodologies and open source tools for digital social innovation and democratic innovation, you will find us with many other entities and professionals to promote your idea and help you co-finance it.

Sanitary Visors 😷

🏫 Artenea3D is a small 7-member company that not only offers 3D printing services in Madrid but also give extracurricular classes with a high environmental awareness burden in schools in Madrid, in order to bring 3d printing closer to the little ones in the house.

🏥 When the situation began with the Covid19, they did not hesitate for a second when they had to contribute their grain of sand. From the first minute they started printing sanitary visors at home with their own printers. But they saw that they would need many more resources, so they decided to launch this campaign so that you could help them from home.

👉 Do it now in Sanitary Visors

Again, TOGETHER 👴🏼

👵🏻 Weeks before the current alert status was decreed and thanks to the experience that came from other countries, at Fundación Matia Zaleak they knew that older people were a group especially vulnerable to this viral infection. Hence, in the residences of Gipuzkoa, measures had already been adopted restricting access to the centers, as well as outings and other activities.

🖥 The current confinement makes life in common and the social participation of the people who live in the centers difficult. They live in a different way, more isolated from loved ones. For this reason, this campaign wants to start a path of reconnection with the outside world through the use of new technologies.

👉 To find out how they plan to do it, go to Again, TOGETHER

Uncofining cooperativism 😌

🚨 The Covid19 crisis is representing a great challenge for society as a whole, which is undergoing an emergency at all levels, of a duration and unpredictable consequences. In the economic and productive sphere, the situation intensely affects small companies, and among them, cooperatives and other organizations that are part of the Social and Solidarity Economy.

✊🏼 Through this campaign, the entities that form part want to claim a consumption model that prioritizes people over capital, which responds to the need of the territory and dignifies life and the environment. Now, more than ever, they need your support to mitigate the economic effects and continue working to be a real and future alternative, offering quality products, proximity and with social value.

👉 Enter in Uncofining Ponent's cooperativism .

Civic Crowdfunding and Sustainable Development Goals: the citizen impact of digital activism

As you already know, Goteo is an open source platform, born in 2011 for the development of initiatives of social and solidarity economy and free knowledge. We are a different crowdfunding page, where you can not only get money for your project, but also communicate your collaboration needs so that other people join the project and contribute their knowledge and skills.

We like to think of Goteo as if it were an experimentation laboratory in citizen participation and civic technologies. For this reason we are in close contact with other similar projects, such as Ushahidi or Decidim.

Therefore, teaming up with Dimmons of the Open University of Catalonia, we have collected in one place the data from 487 campaigns on Goteo.org that met the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We use the 17 SDG indicators according to the impact of the "footprints" that Goteo already presents in his campaigns. These data will be useful for other organizations to improve their approach and, among all of them, we can promote new actions that bring us closer to the objectives.
We encourage you to read the article in our blog to discover how open data and research are a great tool for activism.

See you in 15 days! 😜

Up to here we arrive. We hope that this newsletter has encouraged you to continue walking towards the society of all and for all that we are approaching, step by step. Until next time!