✊ There are moments in life when something phenomenal appears in the middle of the road to prevent us from moving forward? Challenge us to outdo ourselves? Show us that chance dominates the world? Faced with this pandemic, we could have allowed ourselves to be invaded by impotence ... or we could unite in a "solidarity pandemic" of which they lift you two meters from the ground and show you that humanity is always there to advance in solidarity and mutual support.

📬 In this newsletter we not only tell you about three #CoronaZero campaigns that are already contributing their energy to alleviate the disasters caused by Covid19, but before we will share two collective initiatives (FrenaLaCurva and #FonsEconòmicESS) of the social and solidarity economy have managed to unite a hundred entities to multiply skills and tools in pursuit of the same goal.

😉 We hope it inspires you to continue participating. It certainly doesn't give us wings.


In the face of the health, social and economic crisis produced as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Catalan Social and Solidarity Economy does not stop. Sharing anxieties and hopes with the whole of society, hundreds of cooperative, associative and community initiatives strive to face the social and health emergency by practicing mutual support and solidarity.

Initiatives throughout the territory have reoriented their daily activities to respond to the social and health emergency: sewing masks and gowns, manufacturer 3D visors, producing and distributing agro-ecological products, taking care of people or developing free technologies for television, from the Social Economy and Catalan solidarity we are clear that the answer to the crisis is solidarity. And the future, to generalize economic alternatives that put Life at the center, based on Economic Democracy, Environmental Justice and Collective Health. An economy for life.

You can find out about all these initiatives and support them in #FonsCooperatiuEss


Together with #FrenaLaCurva we launched the "Common Challenges" Call for neighborhood initiatives of social innovation and collaborative experiences from below. The proposal is framed in giving tools to carry out the project that you have in mind to collaborate in the recovery after this crisis.

In 5 working days, in addition to live workshops open to citizens, your team will receive mentoring in:

✅ Entrepreneurship and feasibility
✅ Social and citizen innovation
✅ Digitization and emerging technologies
✅ Networking and communities
✅ 2030 Agenda

To participate, fill out the form in Common Challenges and there you will find us together with other entities and professionals to promote your idea and help you co-finance it.

Libreguard 🤲🏽

🏥 In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, our hospitals are running out of protective material for professionals working to care for sick people.

😷 LibreGuard is a protective mask designed to prevent the spread of health and technical personnel who are dealing with this crisis and the campaign is aimed at manufacturing and free delivery to health personnel.

👉 Enter the project and help make one more mask in Libreguard

I Love Cine de Pueblo 🏠

🎥 In the rural areas of Catalonia and Aragon, there is a network of rural cinemas that have been bringing film culture to the most isolated territories for decades. This network has been very fragile for a decade and due to the new information society.

✊🏼 With this new threat that plagues us, in the form of a global health pandemic, all sectors of the population will be affected, particularly the world of culture, which depends entirely on those who go to theaters, circuses, movie theaters ...

👉 If you also believe that "When the cinema was invented, the clouds stopped in the photographs began to walk", go in and say:I Love Cine de Pueblo

Basic needs 😷

🚨 The current health emergency puts at risk all social security prior to the crisis: social, citizen, economic and health. A context that already affects society as a whole.

👧🏻 In the Pinardi Association, more than 1,000 minors, young people and their families in poverty in the Community of Madrid are cared for annually and in these weeks they are seeing their poverty situation even worse.

👉 You can enter and know your project, as well as contribute in Basic Needs.