The city of Malaga will host the celebration on April 26 of Festival Internacional de Innovación Social 2019 (fiiS), an event that is celebrated for the first time in Spain, after its passage for six years in Latin America and the United States, and that will serve to close the II edition of the ‘Foro de la Nueva Economía y la Innovación Social’ (NESI Global Forum 2019), that from April 24 will take place in the Palace of Exhibitions and Fairs of Malaga (FYCMA).

The festival, which will start at 1:00 p.m. and is open to all citizens, will combine for nine hours the music of Andalusian artists with inspirational talks and social innovation activities that aim to open a transformative path towards a better future through collective participation. Free tickets can be obtained on the website.

We love this festival because it reminds us of projects as powerful as Festival Reina Loba, that will celebrate its fifth consecutive year of success after having raised in all these years more than € 25,000 through our collective funding platform, or the Fira d'Economia Solidària de Catalunya, that has been celebrated since 2012 by the hand of the Red de Economía Social y Solidaria and it is a benchmark at the national level in the promotion of initiatives of social and solidarity economy as well as generating multiple tools of empowerment for the cooperative movement.

What makes us fall in love with these models of collective participation? There are so many reasons that we are going to list them:

👉 They seek to transform society by promoting those who create real and innovative solutions
👉 Visibilize a positive impact on society
👉 Give examples and keys to generate a personal and collective transformation
👉 Show the direction towards a society based on respect and understanding
👉 Dynamize the community to understand it as an entity that works, generates and shares
👉 Create spaces for celebration and climax, making the arts a moment for the enjoyment and meeting of groups
👉 Reconnect with the tradition of the neighborhood meeting achieved through the contribution of each member of the community

For all these reasons, the Goteo Foundation will be happy to collaborate, together with the Asociación Arrabal y la Wellbeing Economy Alliance (WEAll), among many other organizations, in this year's edition.

We believe it is a great opportunity to enjoy two days of talks and debates with professionals and experts, jointly seeking innovative proposals to respond to the global challenges of the planet, to end with an open and motivating festival where we can enjoy Dry Martina artists, Breeze Fenoy, El Duende Callejero o We are not DJS.

Interspersed with their music will be shared testimonies and social initiatives that are working to build a better, more just and supportive world, where people and the planet are the ultimate goal, not the medium.

We hope to see you there who you can attend and tell you on the way back how that was all! 😜


NESI Global Forum 2019 is an initiative promoted by the Global Hub Foundation for the Common Good in 2017 to co-create a new, more sustainable, just, democratic and people-centered economy. The NESI Community (New Economy and Social Innovation) has a technical secretariat that coordinates all its activity, with a network of experts that support its development, with groups that promote projects at the local level (NESI Local Hubs) and a NESI community. In 2017, the first edition of NESI Global Forum 2017 was held in Malaga, which has a biannual character, and from April 24 to 26 the second edition will take place in the capital of the Costa del Sol.

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