(This post is all about CrowdCoop, ¡if you already discovered it and wanna join right now, click here!)

Creating a cooperative is not easy

Previous schemes are broken, bureaucracy often becomes cumbersome and when it is formed by a large group of people, joint work is hard to control .... Oh, by the way, have we talked about how to get the money to boost it? It is a whole world. But what is also true is that cooperatives have more resilience than commercial companies, prioritize the maintenance of jobs over other variables and current public policies support us. It is such a rich experience that he has even given to write plays!

The crowdfunding option

Like you, at Fundación Goteo we believe that micro-patronage is a financing channel in line with cooperativism and that is why we celebrate the creation of CrowdCoop, a project «Singulars» for the promotion of the social economy.

CrowdCoop will be a channel-shaped resource on Goteo.org with which you can:

  • Have an alternative financing tool specialized in the cooperative field
  • Train and receive advice on your campaign project
  • Create community and provide complementary funds to your entity through micro-patronage and matchfunding

In short, a place to create a crowdfunding campaign aimed at creating a cooperative or launching a new cooperative product or service.

You already did this, right?

You know us well and you are absolutely right in the world! The case of Van Woow, Top Manta, We Are Mobility will have come to your mind ... We are very happy to have accompanied you a part of your path and, for that reason, we have observed that offering a more careful space for these initiatives will help make them visible and facilitate the creation of new ones. Specifically, we will accompany you in two stages.

There are two key moments in cooperative financing

The first is the entity's own creation and the second is the launch of new products or services. In the first instance it was announced to attract members and users, in the second the objective will be to validate this new product or service.

Transparent and collective financing allows:

  • Reactivate the co-responsible role of civil society
  • Provide legitimacy
  • Evaluate the viability of the project through your community

The role of Heres Social and Facto Cooperativa with Goteo Foundation

If with a campaign in Goteo you had resolved a way of financing to give birth to your cooperative, it is also true that he still needed legal advice and training in key aspects such as Communication. With Crowdcoop we have designed a comprehensive training program that ranges from the creation of a cooperative, through training in tax and legal matters to the design and launch of a crowdfunding campaign.

This training can be accessed through the link to the announcement of the project website (CrowdCoop). The training is also aimed at social entrepreneurship initiatives for their transformation as cooperatives, as well as for their consolidation and growth.

The project also incorporates training capsules isolated by the creation of crowdfunding campaigns and associated communication, which are offered free of charge to the Athenaeums of the 8 demarcations. As well as training to the technicians of the Cooperative Athenaeum to train in this form of collective financing.

We contact you to participate in a project that we hope will be another tool at the service of the cooperative economy and its members. We hope to strengthen the social mass of the cooperative world and allow the different projects to generate community around their initiative from the moment they launch a campaign, allow the cooperative's management team to acquire new skills in terms of digital marketing and marketing techniques. communication.

Isn't that a great idea? Join the Crowdcoop!