We celebrate!

Since this year, Fundación Goteo and El Mercado Social de Madrid (MES) have formalized a Collaboration Agreement to contribute to the development of an economic model based on the Social and Solidarity Economy.

In this collaboration both entities will disseminate and give visibility in a coordinated way through their different channels, networks and tools of the experiences of social economy, collective financing and citizen participation that they promote.

For its part, the Goteo Foundation will offer special training resources in webinar format for members of the Madrid Social Market who are interested in launching a collective financing campaign, as well as personalized online advice to the most powerful initiatives promoted by members of the Social Market.

This collaboration is born naturally due to the commitment of both entities with the six principles of the Charter of Principles of the Solidarity Economy, present internationally through RIPESS (Intercontinental Network for the Promotion of Social and Solidarity Economy).

More than 500 intercooperating entities

As entities, we understand intercooperation as a value in itself, responsible consumption as a force for transformation and ethical financing as a basis on which to build a social and solidarity production.

We assume that the solidarity economy, in its various expressions, is a way of life that subordinates the economy to its true purpose: to provide sustainably the material basis for the personal, social and environmental development of the human being.

This new agreement between the two institutions will allow collaboration between more than five hundred entities, which, grouped into territorial and sectoral networks, have their own autonomy, articulating and coordinating in order to develop their shared objectives with more impact.

Financing for social change

As you know, Fundación Goteo is a non-profit legal entity for the promotion and development of cooperative, social and solidarity economy initiatives through open and innovative technologies. That is why we understand essential access to financing to support the generation of community and promote social and cultural change towards a more ethical and collaborative society. Our main tool for this is the crowdfunding platform at goteo.org that you will already know, as well as several training, accompaniment and advice workshops on ICTs for groups more concrete

All these activities are always aimed at the promotion and creation of employment, self-employment and new cooperatives with social commitment, encouraging at all times to participate both public and private institutions through the matchfunding.

The Market for the Social and Solidarity Economy

On the other hand, The Social Market of Madrid (MES) is a network of production, distribution and consumption of goods and services that works with ethical, democratic, ecological and solidarity criteria, constituted by companies and entities of the social and solidarity economy together with individual and collective consumers and consumers.

Its objective is to cover a significant part of the needs of its participants within the network and disconnect the solidarity economy from the capitalist economy, as much as possible, through the intercooperation between companies, associations and consumers who have among their values the mutual help.

In turn, MES is part of REAS Madrid, and this in turn of REAS (Network of Networks of Alternative and Solidarity Economy), non-profit association, without any partisan or religious affiliation, with scope of action throughout the territory del Español, whose main mission is to promote and strengthen the Solidarity Economy as an instrument that allows the development of a more just and solidary society, walking towards sustainable development and taking into account the interdependence of the economic, social, environmental and environmental issues. cultural.

Therefore, we started this adventure with all the illusion of the world and from here we encourage you to present your initiative today by sending an email to madrid@mercadosocial.net. Together we move forward stronger!

Credits: Composition (Three Sisters, Heidi Jensen); Banner (El Abrazo, de Juan Genovés)