Epiteto said "we have two ears and a mouth to listen twice what we are talking". At Goteo💦 we believe that there is nothing truer than that, and we think that listening really means knowing, getting involved and empathizing with what happens around us.

About immigration and refugees

This is the purpose of Mediterranean Fragility, a campaign that, through sustainable shirts and a book illustrated by refugee children, will explain to the little ones the tragedies that many families on the other side of the Mediterranean are living 🌊. Finding out more to become spokesmen of the problem and to develop a critical thinking. Also the team of Vacances en Pau per infants refugiats saharauís want to raise awareness, in this case on the issue of the Saharawi people. They are asking for support (for the second time at Goteo!), so that 6 refugees, between 9 and 12 years old, can spend the summer outside the Ausserd (Algeria) camps and be hosted by Catalan families 💓. From another perspective, the Andalucía Acoge Federation wants to develop Agricultura con derechos, a project framed within the Fiare Banca Etica channel, to empower the migrant population in settlements located in agricultural fields 🌳💪. These and many more projects are waiting for you at Goteo, do you support them💦?

We make changes possible

These awareness-raising initiatives, currently underway, remind us that, thanks to campaigns which have been successfully funded at Goteo, such as Paramythádes, a scenic arts project was developed in two camps of refugees in Macedonia. It was also possible to record the documentary Refugeless - Sin Refugio, about the families of refugees segregated by Europe; and the book "Refugiados Permanentes. Los dilemas del pueblo saharaui" was edited and published, dealing with the Western Sahara conflict and promoted by Cooperació Osona Sàhara, the same team of Vacances en Pau 😜.

Pride of FundLab!

Before saying goodbye to you, we want to thank all the participants of the FundLab Madrid (we had complete capacity! 👏), that took place yesterday. This third meeting went a step further in the funding of Culture, by encouraging participation at different levels and between different agents, from companies and foundations to public entities, with a perspective of cooperation focused on social innovation. Take a look at this feed and at this other one. You won't miss the next FundLab 😉!