Blue is the weirdest color

If we look at the Earth from the stratosphere, it is clear that we live on the Blue Planet. However, the color that characterizes our planet is very difficult to find in nature - whether they are vegetables, animals or minerals - so, for a long time, blue pigments were the most appreciated.

This is our illusion of finding you! The Goteo Foundation starts a new European project to promote the blue economy in the Mediterranean territory from the perspective of training interested institutions and social entrepreneurs with the aim of financing their projects through platforms crowdfunding (equity, rewards, donations, loans).

Therefore, we are looking for a person who can manage this project in English and design, adapt and execute training programs in alternative financing, especially crowdfunding from strategic communication and digital marketing. You will coordinate this project and carry out the Foundation's training programs in the sectors of cooperativism, social and solidarity economy, cultural action and sustainable food. You can also support the advisory team in the crowdfunding platform in the advice and monitoring of campaigns.

Principal functions

  1. Adapt and improve the training of the organization or current projects to new sectors such as the cooperative sector and the sector of the blue economy.
  2. Designing quality training programs within the skill of communication, digital marketing and crowdfunding.
  3. Research and write on cases or examples of successful projects within the blue economy that have launched crowdfunding campaigns on
  4. Coordinate and monitor drafting project reports and training packages in all their components (technical, administrative and financial), in
    collaboration with other functional areas of the organization.
  5. Maintain continuous and adequate communication with organizations and collaborating institutions and other stakeholders of the projects.
  6. Implement training and related activities in projects or programs of the Foundation.
  7. Assess the quality and impact of training undertaken and draft related reports to improve and inform funders of the program.
  8. Ensure that project files (physical and digital) are updated, as well as other monitoring tools used in the organization.
  9. Organize, in collaboration with other areas of the organization of production, communication or dissemination of project activities to ensure the success of activities and dissemination.
  10. Advisory support in crowdfunding campaigns on the platform
  11. Organize events related to training: communication, inscriptions, venues, materials.

Check here to access the full offer, as well as instructions to apply for the position. And good luck!

Deadline for application: February 16, 2020
Estimated start date: immediate

Image Credits: Banner (Mediterranean Sea , Cathryn Innocent)